What Is An Average Ukrainian Bride Cost & Eastern Europe Mail Order Brides Price?
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What Is An Average Ukrainian Bride Cost & Eastern Europe Mail Order Brides Price?

If you are considering using online platforms to find a wife from Eastern Europe, you likely wonder what the Russian or Ukraine bride cost is. International dating typically involves certain expenses, and understanding the pricing is crucial. So, this article provides insights into Ukraine wife price and costs of brides from other European countries. With this information, you will better understand how much to budget for your search for a mail order wife and determine whether it is worth pursuing.

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What is mail order brides pricing?

First, you must know that a Russian, Bulgarian, Poland, or Ukrainian mail order bride cost varies depending on different factors such as the country of origin, agency fees, travel expenses, and all the legal procedures. 

Anna, 28
28 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Engineer
Sviatlana, 22
22 y.o.
Location Brest, Belarus
Occupation Economist
Marina, 23
23 y.o.
Location Kherson, Ukraine
Occupation Sales Manager
Alesia, 36
36 y.o.
Location Odesa, Ukraine
Occupation Sales manager
Olena, 25
25 y.o.
Location Kremenchuk, Ukraine
Occupation Swimming-instructor
Oksana, 23
23 y.o.
Location Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Occupation manager
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What does this term imply? Agencies that operate online and attract single women for marriage offer a range of services that speed up and simplify the matchmaking process. These are various solutions that help to get a perfect bride, and they’re provided on a paid basis. All of them constitute general mail order bride pricing and may differ in each separate case.

What kind of services are they? In most cases, men pay money for using communication tools, gifts, and presents suggested on these sites, and the organization of real dates with women of their choice. Since there’s no exact cost of such services due to their individual character, it’s important to know all the key points included in it to understand how it’s calculated.

Mail order brides sites vs. dating agencies

Sexy mail order bride
Sexy mail order bride

Finding Russian mail order brides or wives of any other nationality from Europe has become increasingly popular. Two primary methods dominate the market: mail order brides sites and dating agencies. While both methods connect men with potential wives, they have notable differences. 

This comparison table will show the features of each method to choose the best one for yourself:

Mail order brides sites Dating agencies
Connect people for international marriages Connect people for variable intentions
Users make decisions by themselves Agency influences decisions
Direct communication with potential brides Mediated communication with matches
Affordable subscription fees Expensive membership fees

As you can see, mail order brides sites offer a more efficient and cost-effective approach for men searching for wives from Eastern Europe. They provide more personal control and transparent communication with potential brides.

And do you know the best things about mail order brides sites? You can search for your future wife while wearing your comfy pajamas at home or sipping cocktails while on the beach. And dating agencies, on the contrary, often require in-person meetings and consultations where you should dress perfectly and put on your best “charming” face.

So, it seems that the choice is pretty obvious…

5 things to influence the mail order bride cost

Cheap mail order brides don’t mean that they are worse than others. It is just that some European countries are more expensive to live in, and some are cheaper. That is where the mail order bride prices come from. And any relationships built in this way require expenses, but you can find out where to save if you know the following 5 things that impact prices of mail order brides:

  1. Dating website: though there are platforms that don’t charge money for connecting lonely people from different countries, they don’t guarantee the success that is provided on mail order bride sites. Therefore, the first point in mail order bride cost is a premium membership or a purchase of digital currency on the sites working on a prepaid basis.
  2. Lady’s tastes and preferences: some girls don’t need luxurious wooing and consider emotional connection more important than precious gifts. But there are women accustomed to expensive living, so their expectations may be quite unpredictable.
  3. Romance time period: if the primary steps of any relationship don’t need much investment, further development of the romance may charge more from the man’s wallet.
  4. Bride’s location: the cost of mail order brides depends much on the girl’s place of living. Trips to some countries and cities may be more expensive, and bringing a wife from them may lead to possible challenges too, especially if there’s a visa required.
  5. Man’s budget and readiness to spend: a senseless waste of money hasn’t ever brought any benefit, so every man should set a maximum limit he can afford to pay for overseas romance tours.
Beautiful Ukrainian bride
Beautiful Ukrainian bride

Mail order brides pricing basics

No matter how hard you`ll try to find a mail order bride price list, you won`t get one since every situation is unique, and the total cost of getting a woman for marriage or dating may include various points. How much does a mail order wife or a girlfriend cost? The list of possible expenditures may consist of the following options.

Cost of online dating sites

Eastern Europe online dating sites offer a convenient way to find wives, but it is important to understand how the costs are formed. We are going to provide you with an overview of the Russian mail order brides prices (and typical expenses on women from other parts of Eastern Europe) involved in online dating. We will also present a pricing comparison for two popular sites—TheLuckyDate and SofiaDate.

Typical expenses in online dating:

  • Credits. Instead of paying for specific features, some sites use a credit system where users purchase credits first and then use them to access various functionalities. Each feature or action has a specific credit cost.
  • Communication expenses. The best online mail order websites provide various communication features, including live chat, video calls, virtual gifts, and the ability to share pictures and videos. These features usually incur specific charges in the form of credits.
  • Gifts. It is not a mandatory expense. But sending virtual gifts can be an additional cost for those who want to engage in this form of expression and interaction on the dating site.

Comparison of pricing on TheLuckyDate and SofiaDate:

💬 Live chat feature200 credits per minute20 credits for 10 minutes
📼 Watching profile videos2,500 credits5 credits
💝 Virtual gifts4,900 creditsNot available
📁 Sending/receiving picturesNot available10 credits each (in chat and letters)
🪙 Approximate amount of credits for using a site for a week81,550 credits665 credits
Total cost in a week$163 (when buying a package of 75,000 Credits for $149.99)$133 (when buying a package of 1,000 Credits for $200)

Courtship and gifts

Wooing is an integral part of attracting women, so it should be added to mail order bride or girlfriend price too. This amount depends entirely on your generosity and woman`s tastes and preferences. Furthermore, it can be included in the cost of site services ordered there.

How much do presents for mail order brides cost?

  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine. Bouquet of roses ($150) and a box of chocolates ($35). Roses are a classic romantic gesture; combining them with chocolates adds a sweet touch to the gift.
  • 🇵🇱 Poland. Amber jewelry ($100). Amber is a precious gemstone in Polish culture. It makes for a unique and meaningful gift.
  • 🇭🇺 Hungary. Beautifully embroidered scarf or shawl ($70). It can be a stylish gift for a Hungarian girl.
  • 🇸🇰 Slovakia. Spa gift set with natural skincare products ($80). Slovakian women value self-care, and a spa gift set with natural skin care products can provide a relaxing experience.
  • 🇨🇿 Czech Republic. High-end niche perfume with a unique scent ($200). The Czech Republic girls adore perfumery. So, gifting a niche perfume with a distinctive aroma can be a nice choice.
  • 🇧🇬 Bulgaria. Designer jewelry ($200). Bulgaria has a strong tradition of jewelry craftsmanship, so designer jewelry will be such an elegant gesture.

These gift suggestions consider each country’s cultural context and preferences. Of course, these prices are estimated and can vary significantly based on brand, quality, and customization factors. But now you know the approximate price. 

Trips and face-to-face dates

Being one of the most significant points on the European bride cost list, tips and relocation are also must-do options for males with serious intentions. Online dating is an unforgettable experience, but seeing your girlfriend or future wife with your own eyes, having live communication, hugging, kissing, smelling her body is crucial.

Cheap mail order bride
Cheap mail order bride

Therefore, man`s travel to the bride`s country or vice versa is a necessity. Moreover, you can decide to take your partner to your state, so this is another sum added to the total budget as well. How much will a mail order brides cost increase due to that? Here are points to calculate:

  • Visa. Prices vary as some countries require a Schengen visa ($88), while others (Ukraine, Russia, and some others) require a regular entry visa (from $65).
  • Tickets for a cross-Atlantic flight. If you search for tickets on skyscanner.com, you will find a round-trip ticket to Eastern Europe for about $600.
  • Accommodation. If you look for accommodation via Airbnb, you will find options costing you approximately $500 a week.
  • Meals. Dining out at restaurants can cost about $270 for two. 
  • Entertainment. It may range from $70 for two.


After you meet your perfect woman and realize you are made for each other, you must consider moving her to your country. So, you need to keep in mind some other expenses.

  • Tickets for a cross-Atlantic flight for her. It will cost you about $750.
  • Visa and other documents. The government fees associated with obtaining a K-1 visa amount to $800 or $2,025, depending on whether it includes the “Adjustment of Status” form required for transitioning from a K-1 visa to a marriage green card upon arrival in the United States.
  • Mandatory medical examination. Prices may be different, depending on the provider. It usually costs about $450.
  • Wedding. If you decide to have a wedding in Europe, it will cost you approximately $15,000. If you and your bride want a wedding in the USA, it will be about $25,000. Hope you understand that it all depends on the venue, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Average cost of mail order bride

It’s not enough for a man to see factors that influence the price, they want to learn real numbers. So how much does a mail order wife cost? Let’s start with using dating services. A month of active communication on a popular site is estimated at an approximate cost of one traditional date—$133-$163. The online courtship is a quite contradictory point that may range from $70 to thousands of dollars depending on the woman.

Sexy Ukrainian wife
Sexy Ukrainian wife

The most impressive amount on the budget is a journey to the bride’s country and meeting her on a real date. This sum starts from $1,500 and depends on the length of this trip and services ordered during it. Bringing a girl to your country will cost about $2,000! And, of course, a wedding cost is approximately $20,000. All these numbers make it possible to find out an average cost of a mail order bride that is usually evaluated at $23,000.

Foreign Brides Prices By Country

The average cost of online dating may differ depending on the location of a lady for marriage.

Ukrainian mail order brides costs and prices

Ukrainian brides are known for their exceptional qualities. They give that “too good to be true” vibe, boasting their flawless beauty, exceptional cooking skills, and family-oriented nature. Many men want to be with them. But, of course, these women will not choose a man who does nothing for them. You must somehow stand out among the crowds of their fans. So, you should know what a Ukrainian bride cost first.

While there are no set rules when courting a Ukrainian bride, here are some aspects you may consider investing in:

  • ❤️‍🔥 Dates and outings. Taking her out for meals, coffee dates, or engaging in activities together can help build a deeper connection. You should plan enjoyable and memorable experiences to spend quality time together.
  • 🎁 Gifts and surprises. Ukrainian women appreciate thoughtful gestures and small gifts. They shouldn’t be extravagant. It should be something that shows you are attentive to her interests. It can be flowers, a book by her favorite author, or even a beauty store gift card.
  • 🌎 Travel expenses. If the relationship progresses, traveling together can be a wonderful way to create shared memories and deepen your bond. Exploring new places and cultures can be an enriching experience for both of you.
  • 💸 Occasional financial support. Ukrainian women may appreciate occasional financial support, especially when facing temporary difficulties or pursuing personal goals. This point is not mandatory, but these girls will definitely appreciate such a present and your attempts to make their lives easier.

Now let’s consider in more detail how much money is needed to meet and date Ukrainian mail order brides:

ExpensesEstimated dating mail order bride pricing range in Ukraine
🪙 Online dating sites credits$125 per week
📑 Visa to Ukraine$65
🛫 Cross-Atlantic flight (You can’t fly to Ukraine right now. So, you can fly to Poland and then go by bus/train to Ukraine)$1200
🏠 Accommodation$150 per week
🍟 Dining out$280 per week
💕 Entertainment$200 per week
💝 Gifts$500
Average cost of dating Ukrainian woman

After you meet and decide to live together, you may bring your Ukrainian woman to your home county. Here is what you should pay for her:

🛬 Cross-Atlantic flight for her$600
📑 K-1 Visa fees (Form I-129F and non-immigrant visa application processing)$800
🏥 Mandatory medical examination$300
💍 Wedding$25,000
Cost of relocation of Ukrainian bride

Total: 4220 + 25,000 if you arrange a wedding. As you can see, the mail order wife cost from Ukraine is reasonable and understandable. So, if finding love is your top priority, and you want to meet an ideal Ukraine mail order bride, it is recommended to register on one of the top-rated websites. Ukrainian girls eagerly await to connect with you, so you will find the best among them. 

Russian Bride cost

Russian girls are certainly good, but let’s not forget that it is hard to meet with them live after you so easily find them on a dating site. Russia today is a closed country for tourists, and you will have to pay a lot for the flight (because there are no direct flights from America) and do everything possible to get a visa. But still, if you succeed, then you are lucky!

ExpensesEstimated dating cost range
🪙 Online dating sites credits$250 per week
📑 Visa to Russia$160
🛫 Cross-Atlantic flight$2 115
🏠 Accommodation$300  per week
🍟 Dining out$500 per week
💕 Entertainment$450 per week
💝 Gifts$1000
🛬 Cross-Atlantic flight for her$1057
📃 K-1 Visa fees (Form I-129F and non-immigrant visa application processing)$800
🏥 Mandatory medical examination$450
💍 Wedding$25,000
Cost of Russian bride

The average cost of mail order brides in Russia: $7,082 + $25,000 for a wedding. Quite a lot…By the way, two factors can greatly impact the overall cost. Firstly, it is the location of your potential wife. This is one of the main reasons why the Russian bride cost may be quite high. If she is from Moscow or St. Petersburg, you may need a higher budget, while smaller towns and rural areas are more affordable. The same goes for gifts and courtship. Women from major cities may expect expensive gestures like fashionable perfumes and trendy jewelry. But women from smaller towns may be satisfied with flowers or thoughtful items, valuing attention over gift cost. So, try to remember this when searching for a woman in Russia!

Cute mail order wife
Cute mail order wife

Czech and Polish mail order brides cost

Traditionally, in Czech and Polish societies, women think that men should take on the role of providers and demonstrate chivalry when dating. It includes paying for dinners, movie tickets, outings, and other dating expenses. This expectation is rooted in traditional gender roles and the belief that men should show their interest and commitment by investing financially in the relationship.

In modern times, these traditions may vary depending on personal values and financial circumstances. Some couples may split expenses equally or take turns paying for dates, while others may adhere more closely to traditional gender roles.

Anyway, you shouldn’t forget that Czech and Polish brides have unique qualities that can make them wonderful life partners. Men considering marriage may find several reasons to be drawn to these women and shouldn’t hesitate to invest in the courtship process. And the average mail order brides pricing in these two European countries is approximately the same:

ExpensesEstimated dating cost range for a week
🪙 Online dating sites credits$190 per week
📑 Schengen visa$88
🛫 Cross-Atlantic flight$800
🏠 Accommodation$280 per week
🍟 Dining out$490 per week
💕 Entertainment$400 per week
💝 Gifts$300 per week
🛬 Cross-Atlantic flight for her$400
📃 K-1 Visa fees (Form I-129F and non-immigrant visa application processing)$800
🏥 Mandatory medical examination$300
💍 Wedding$17,000
Cost of Czech and Polish brides

Total prices of mail order brides from the Czech Republic and Poland: 4048 + $17,000 for a wedding. Of course, romance can have its price tag. But it doesn’t have to break the bank! The cost of courting these lovely ladies usually falls within a reasonable range, and the good news is that it won’t leave you crying over an empty wallet. On average, you can expect to spend around $4048 for a delightful dating experience with Czech and Polish brides, which is not so much. 


Are you looking to find your perfect wife through international dating sites? Now you know that you should pay for it. A Russian bride price or a Ukrainian mail order wife’s cost can vary depending on several factors! The cost includes dating platforms you use, the type of lady you want to make your wife, the country she is from, and even the customs. On average, you may spend around $4,000 on your journey to wedded bliss. And if you want to marry one of these perfect women, you will pay approximately $15,000 more for a wedding. It may seem like a lot. But you pay once and find the perfect wife you will be happy with for your whole life!


How much does it cost to marry a Ukrainian woman?

If you want to marry a Ukrainian woman, you should know that the costs can vary depending on various factors. You can spend around $4,220 to establish a foundation for your future relationship. It includes expenses related to dating, travel to Ukraine, and getting to know each other better by going on dates. If you decide to arrange a wedding, additional costs of approximately $15,000 may arise.

How to get the best price for a Ukrainian bride?

First of all, it is important to choose reliable and well-known websites that offer the best Ukrainian mail order wives. These mail order bride sites may be more expensive than average dating platforms, but the investment is worthwhile due to the higher level of safety and privacy. Secondly, you can minimize costs by not sending expensive gifts. Also, booking flights and accommodations in advance will help you save. And the last thing is that selecting a less extravagant wedding dress for a wedding can save up to 50% of the expenses.

Could you really buy a Ukraine wife?

No, you can’t! “Buying a Ukrainian wife” usually means just finding a woman online. It involves chatting with women on a dating site and meeting them in their countries. This process involves various expenses like buying credits on the dating website, traveling to Ukraine, arranging weddings, etc. You can only bring your potential spouse to the US after completing these steps. As you can see, it doesn’t literally mean that you buy Ukrainian mail order wives.

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