Bulgarian Brides Online—Is It Worth Marrying Bulgarian Women?
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Bulgarian Brides Online—Is It Worth Marrying Bulgarian Women?

Guys who look for serious online relationships want stability, and you can be sure that being with a Bulgarian mail order bride will grant you that stability. It is absolutely worth marrying a Bulgaria girl online, and in this guide, we are going to show you why you need to start looking for a Bulgarian girl for marriage right now!

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Who are Bulgarian brides?

A Bulgarian mail order bride is a woman who uses online dating services and mail order bride websites to find a husband online. Her motivation is clear—she wants to meet a man with serious intentions who’s ready to start a family. Just like other girls from Slavic countries, Bulgarian women for marriage believe in love at first sight. If you have heard of beautiful Russian brides or Ukraine bride services, you probably know that Eastern European girls are very popular among Americans. Well, Bulgarian ladies are Slavic, but they are much more than that, and we will tell you why you should marry a bride from this country!

How much does it cost to marry a Bulgarian mail order bride?

When it comes to finding a wife online, many guys worry about the price. Indeed, plenty of men think that they would need to spend everything they have to look for a suitable bride. Well, it is not like that. While the whole process is not cheap, it is not lavishly expensive either. Online dating, for example, won’t cost you that much! Most dating sites will cost you around $40-80 per month. In general, mail order bride websites use a credit system that allows you to control how much money you spend. So you could easily spend just $10 per month or splurge on everything and spend more than $300 per month. On average, it is not expensive to meet single Bulgarian women online.

However, if you want to find Bulgarian wife, you need to understand that you will eventually have to meet her in real life. And the cost of real-life dating is higher than online dating. On average, you will have to spend $3,000-$5,500 in two weeks. Whether you find your date online or with the help of services similar to Ukrainian romance tours, meeting a Bulgarian woman for marriage is not cheap!

Bulgarian mail order bride
Bulgarian mail order bride

How to find Bulgarian wife online?

It is not difficult to find Bulgarian wife online. First, you need to pick a decent dating platform with Slavic girls. Even though mail order bride services are relatively popular in Bulgaria, you won’t find many sites that are exclusively for Bulgarian brides. Still, most websites with Eastern European women for marriage will do just fine. Choose a site carefully, read reviews, and try to be sure that the site you choose is safe and reputable. Once you pick a platform, create an account and fill out your profile. 

Usually, after the registration process is complete, you can access all features on the site. So, your next step should be looking for Bulgarian women for marriage. You can do it by manually browsing through profiles of girls or using searching filters, matchmaking, or any other feature implemented. Just remember that staying active is essential!

When seeking a suitable Bulgarian mail order bride, you can take two approaches. You can start looking for a perfect woman right away or seek ladies who are great but not ideal for you. The first option is slower but more effective in finding a soulmate. But the second option is more fun yet less accurate. It is up to you to choose a suitable approach, though.

Many guys want to marry Bulgarian brides, and we would like to emphasize the key qualities of girls from this country.

  1. Bulgarian girls are the hottest among Slavic ladies.
  2. Bulgarian women are very approachable, friendly, and communicative.
  3. These girls are family-oriented and have the right values and principles.
  4. An average Bulgaria girl for marriage is eager to move to another country.
  5. Bulgarian women are known to be excellent, hard-working, and loyal wives.
  6. They have nothing against becoming a housewife.
  7. The majority of girls have decent English.
  8. Divorce rates are relatively low. Only 1.51% of couples end their relationships.
Lady from Bulgaria
Lady from Bulgaria

What kind of men do Bulgarian women expect to find?

A perfect man for a Bulgaria girl for marriage is a man who is ready for serious relationships. Ladies from this country look for guys who are mature, responsible, committed, and honest. They don’t seek some meaningless and short-term relationships. All they want is a man who can become a real husband. Bulgarian brides use mail order bride services for a reason because they know that American men can be strong, successful, and respectful. If you can be that person, you will be happy with a Bulgarian mail order bride.


Find Bulgarian wife and start a new chapter of your life. You may see how wonderful Bulgarian brides online can be. And it is not difficult to meet Bulgarian women. All they want is love, respect, and kindness. If you can give that to them, they will make you the happiest man on the planet!

Frequently asked questions about beautiful brides from Bulgaria

What is the Price of a Bulgarian Bride?

Bulgarian brides online are not very expensive. One can control expenses when buying credits to pay for online chats, video calls, and presents. If you chat online daily, you will need $300 for 30 days. The minimal sum is between $10-$30 per month. If you want to marry her, you will need to add expenses for offline meetings in Bulgaria and the wedding organization.

Are Bulgarians Alluring?

Men worldwide dream of marrying a Bulgarian woman because these girls are justly called attractive, hot, and stylish. All girls take care of their looks. They wear fancy clothes, apply make-up without bigotry, use expensive perfumes, and go in for sports to always be slim and get sexy shapes. Men usually fall in love with their big eyes full of life and passion. Moreover, their beauty is inborn, which makes them attractive even without cosmetics.

What Is the Price of a Wedding in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian women dating websites give you an excellent opportunity to find a caring, passionate, beautiful, friendly, and faithful bride. If you decide to arrange a wedding ceremony in Bulgaria, you will need either to plan everything together or to entrust this task to the dating platform. An average ceremony costs $2.000-$3.500. A planning service takes additional fees to guarantee a high-end wedding.

What Is Required to Get Married in Bulgaria?

To marry Bulgarian mail order brides, men should: register on a reliable website and date the chosen girls; get documents to meet them offline like visas, travel tickets, etc. agree upon a marriage date, place, and other significant details; have passports, medical certificates, and documents to prove that they are single and eligible to marry. Brides must have the same documents to prove that they are healthy and eligible.

What are Bulgarian women like

Bulgarian brides online can surprise everyone. They are hot, friendly, family-oriented, faithful, caring, and alluring. They are educated, so men often enjoy talking about different topics with pleasant-looking girls. Slavic girls are famous for their natural beauty and hospitality, so such brides beautify the lives of their soul mates and inspire. Besides, they dream of moving to another country and creating cozy homes for their husbands and children there.

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