Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: Everything You Should Know to Meet Bulgarian Women
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Bulgarian Mail Order Brides: Everything You Should Know to Meet Bulgarian Women

Today, every third man visits dating sites hoping to find a future girlfriend or even a wife there. Bulgarian brides are a prime example of wonderful women for any man who wants to build a stable and happy family. In this post, we’ll tell you what dating sites are best to visit to find Bulgarian mail order brides that also want to start a family with a foreigner. In addition, we’ll share some interesting facts about them, prices on “buying” these girls, and many other things.

Top Bulgarian Women Dating Sites In 2024

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Before you start searching for Bulgarian brides for marriage, get more info to understand them better:

📍 Average age of a woman25
📍 Best dating sitesSofiaDate, BravoDate, TheLuckyDate
📍 Is it legal?Yes
📍 Level of security98%
📍 Success rate97%
📍 Average cost$2,400 + $7,000 wedding
General information about Bulgarian brides

The number of Bulgarian brides entering marriages with Western gentlemen is on the rise. In 2022, 29 K-1 visas were issued to Bulgarian women. Of course, it may seem a small figure compared to Ukrainian brides, for example. Nevertheless, Americans continue to look for Bulgarians to marry. Besides their beauty, men also often notice their remarkable friendliness and sympathy for others. Moreover, Bulgarian ladies love their families above everything else and aren’t overly focused on building careers. If you accept this approach to family roles, then marrying a Bulgarian bride will be the perfect choice for you. 

Profiles of single Bulgarian brides

Take a pause to look at typical Bulgarian women:

Anna, 27
27 y.o.
Location Odessa, Ukraine
Occupation art, audio / video technology
Anzhelika, 18
18 y.o.
Location Odesa, Ukraine
Occupation Student
Alina, 28
28 y.o.
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Occupation art, audio / video technology
Alina, 22
22 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Ad designer
Oksana, 27
27 y.o.
Location Warsaw, Poland
Occupation Creative Director
Tatiana, 52
52 y.o.
Location Odesa, Ukraine
Occupation Clothing designer
More profiles

Character of Bulgarian brides

When seeking a Bulgarian bride, you should learn more about their character in advance. It will help you know what to expect from them.

  • Bulgarian ladies are pretty relaxed. These women mostly try to stay hopeful and positive about the future even if things are tough. They approach problems with a calm attitude.
  • They are independent. Many Bulgarian brides for sale are used to dealing with things on their own. But they appreciate when a man offers help and shares responsibilities.
  • These girls are incredibly supportive. If you have big plans but sometimes doubt yourself, a Bulgarian woman will always find the right words to lift your spirits and remind you that she’s always with you. By the way, Ukrainian mail order brides have the same trait.
  • They are smart. These women are quite curious about all the things around them. They really love learning new things.
Sexy Bulgarian bride
Sexy Bulgarian bride

Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with that if you meet Bulgarian women on legit Ukrainian dating sites or other reliable platforms. These are real women who want to find men to start a family with. There’s nothing criminal about connecting with these ladies online because they willingly join these platforms and chat with men they like.

The misconceptions about this issue come from old-fashioned ideas of treating a Bulgarian mail order wife like an object. Yet, modern online platforms focus on creating safe connections, not buying or selling people. Yes, there were some negative incidents involving unreliable dating platforms. But the best sites connect men with Bulgarian brides following the law. If you don’t believe it, you can read other users’ reviews and decide if you should be engaged in it.

How much does it cost to find a bride from Bulgaria?

Curious about how much it costs to meet Bulgarian girls? Well, you will spend around $350 just to find her online. Add to this sum a meeting in real life, which is about $2,050. But this doesn’t include wedding expenses. If you plan a wedding, you’ll need to add roughly $10,000 more to your budget.

We understand that all these costs don’t seem clear to you so far. So, let’s break it all down.

Online dating cost

If you want, the simplest way to find a wife from Bulgaria (or a Ukrainian or Russian bride if you want) is to join a mail order bride website. Typically, there are two types of these sites:

  • Membership-based sites. You will just have to pay a monthly fee (about $50 to $300). These websites can help you monitor your expenses.
  • Credit-based sites. On these platforms, you buy credits and use them for various features. The prices for using these sites can vary from $150 to $400. They depend on what features you use and how often.

Now, let us give you some examples of costs if you choose a site like BravoDate and use it for a week:

ActivityCredits per activityTotal credits needed for 2 weeks
💬 Live chat2 credits per minute850
📹 Opening videos in profiles50 credits video300
💖 Request a date625 one-time cost625
🪙 Total credits needed 1775
Total cost in dollars $354
Average cost of online dating Bulgarian woman

The cost of meeting your future Bulgarian wife in real life

Though love is beyond measure in money, knowing the financial aspects of your romance tour to Bulgaria can be quite helpful. It allows you to plan everything wisely.

ExpenseEstimated Cost
✈️ Round-trip flight$900
🏠 Accommodation on Booking.com$300
🥗 Eating out$250
🥂 Courting your bride$400
🚙 Renting a car (optional)$200
Total for online + offline$2,400
Average cost of Bulgarian mail order bride

How to reduce the price

Follow these practical tips if you plan a trip to Bulgaria to meet a Bulgarian lady but want to save some money:

  • Check out some deals. Sites like Expedia.com can help you find the best prices for flights, hotels, etc.
  • Attend free attractions. Many museums, parks, and cultural spots offer free entry on specific days or times.
  • Visit local markets and eat street food. Why not try the local markets and street food stalls instead of dining at luxury restaurants? You’ll try delicious local cuisine without “burning a hole” in your wallet.
Bulgarian single woman
Bulgarian single woman

How to treat a Bulgarian bride?

There are some basic rules to follow when you date a Bulgarian woman:

  1. Plan unique dates.

    Local ladies prefer dates that are more exciting than just drinking coffee. So, come up with fun and interesting activities for your dates in advance.

  2. Pay for her on dates.

    Even if your Bulgarian mail order bride offers to split the bill, cover it yourself. This gesture demonstrates that you understand Bulgarian dating etiquette.

  3. Actions speak louder.

    Bulgarian women hate empty promises. So, back up your words with actions.

  4. Meeting the parents vs. meeting friends.

    If she introduces you to her parents, it says a lot. But if she introduces you to her friends, she literally integrates you into her life.

  5. No tolerance for cheating.

    Cheating is highly disrespectful, and if your woman discovers it, she’s likely to end the relationship immediately.

How to bring a Bulgarian wife to the USA?

As loving future husbands, you need to take some steps to bring a Czech mail order bride or one of the Bulgarian women for marriage to America. The procedure is often the same, regardless of the girl’s nationality. Here what you have to do:

  • Show financial support. You must have a stable income and all the other means to care for your woman.
  • Apply for a visa petition. It involves some paperwork and writing letters to the U.S. Immigration authorities.
  • Tell your love story. In those letters, you and your future wife should pour your hearts out and share your love story in detail.
  • Wait for processing. The petition usually takes around 3 to 6 months to process (you can track its progress online).
  • Follow instructions. Once approved, your future wife will get some instructions on what to do next. She has to complete the necessary paperwork and then go through a medical examination.
  • Prepare for the embassy interview. It is the most important step. They want to be sure that your love is real. Convince them that you really plan to get married, and not just use marriage as a way for a woman to immigrate to America.
Bulgarian woman for marriage
Bulgarian woman for marriage

Bulgarian wives scams

Online scams happen quite often, so don’t be surprised! But if you’re well-prepared, you will easily spot Bulgarian dating scams:

  • Read expert reviews. To make a wise choice of an online Bulgarian wife finder, that is a dating site, and avoid online scams, take your time to read what experts say. Don’t rush into picking a platform randomly to find Bulgarian women online.
  • Learn to spot scams. Being loved is wonderful, but make sure it’s real love. Be on the lookout for fake profiles that seem almost real but are actually fakes.
  • Don’t send money. Sometimes, scammers pretend to be Bulgarian girls for marriage and tell a sad story to ask for money. Never do that! People who need money will never ask for it from users on dating sites.
  • Watch out for phishing. Be careful with links you get in messages that take you to other websites. Sometimes, these are “tricks” to steal your personal info.
  • Don’t tell too much about yourself. Be cautious if a Bulgarian lady online tries to get your sensitive info using different excuses. Keep your personal and financial details secret!


Bulgarian ladies are a perfect match for Western guys. They’re not sitting around, hoping for a man to come to them from nowhere. Instead, they take the initiative and join special dating websites searching for their soulmates. They really want to find love. If they succeed, they become the best wives, caring for their husbands wholeheartedly. These women will never make you feel lonely again.

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