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How To Find Slovenian Mail Order Brides – Meet Single Slovenian Women Online

If dating a Slovenian bride is your goal, you should look no further. We researched popular Slovenian forums and interviewed local girls to give you this evidence-based piece that tells how legal it is to marry a Slovenian mail order wife, what are the most reliable dating sites to find an oriented Slovenian bride, and how much it costs to marry a Slovenian girlfriend! Be sure to choose a Slovenian dating agency from our top-rated picks:

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Let’s proceed to learn all a foreign groom needs to find, reach, and marry legally a mail order wife from Slovenia in the tightest terms!

📍 The average age of a Slovenian brideFrom 25 to 48
📍 Best dating sites to meetTheLuckyDate, SofiaDate, UkraineBrides4You
📍 The legality of Slovenian brides globallyLegal in all countries
📍 Safety of mail order dating in SloveniaSafe
📍 Success rate with Slovenian bridesOver 85%
📍 The median price of a Slovenian wife$3,272 to $4,500
Basic information about Slovenian brides

Real profiles of Slovenian singles

Diana, 24
24 y.o.
Location Altay, Russia
Occupation Psychologist
Ekaterina, 18
18 y.o.
Location Lviv, Ukraine
Occupation make up artist
Valeria, 26
26 y.o.
Location Lviv, Ukraine
Occupation Administrator
Ruslana, 21
21 y.o.
Location Kovel, Ukraine
Occupation Manager
Milena Ahnessa, 28
Milena Ahnessa
28 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation painter
Lara, 41
41 y.o.
Location Slovenia, Murska Sobota
Occupation Teacher
More profiles

Looking for a Slovenian girl online is an efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective way to meet your soulmate without investing a lot of effort. Why don’t you give it a try and send a line to one of those profiles?

Slovenian women for marriage were always in demand around the globe — our team got caught up enough to look into it and learn the reasons. Here’s what we found:

Diligence and hardworking nature

Slovenia ladies for marriage are busy as bees, regardless of the activity — they are diligent housewives and stern workers. Slovenians are persuaded to invest them all in what they do, while passion is what usually gets other people inspired enough to lose their hearts.

Beautiful Slovenian girl
Beautiful Slovenian girl

Fitness and energy

As Slovenia shares a lot with other Baltic countries, locals can’t exist without outdoor activities, hiking, cycling, walking, and so forth. Agree, having a well-fit partner who shines from health and a strong spirit is a piece of luck!

Warm-hearted personalities

A mail order bride from Slovenia may seem reserved at first, but they swimmingly open their profound personalities to you when they get to know you more. Slovenians are kind-hearted, easy-going, sincere, genuine, and adventurous, which makes them desirable companions, friends, and partners. 

Common Slovenian traits of character 

Here’s what you should know about the most frequently met traits of character that many Slovenian women for marriage possess. 

  • They are foodies. There are numerous gastro districts all around Slovenia, and 90 million liters of wine are produced annually by this country — Slovenia has the biggest foodies along with France and Japan, whose most beloved leisure is tasting well-cooked dishes with fine companions.
  • They are very romantic. Slovenians believe that they are one of the most romantic nations. Their dating culture revolves around striving to steal the heart of your love with serenades, chivalry, daring behavior, and assertiveness.
  • They value their culture and country. Slovenian girls for marriage cherish their national celebrations and events, their culture, language, and traditions. That’s a hint for you — approaching a Slovenian, be sure to learn much about the culture.
  • Introverted and discreet. Introversion is common for Slavic countries, however, you can’t call Slovenians super closed. They are reserved and restrained until they develop a bond with you — however, it might take a while, so be patient.
  • Low self-confidence. Slovenians do much, but are always unsatisfied with the results of their efforts and tend to criticize themselves harshly. Any Slovenian mail order bride is a disciplined perfectionist who strives for impeccability.
  • High selflessness. Finally, Slovenian brides are prone to self-sacrificing, as they prioritize the needs of others above their own. This is probably another reason why Slovenian women are so desired and enviable wives globally.
Slovenian bride
Slovenian bride

There’s nothing illegal in marrying Slovenian brides, and there’s no law that restricts marrying an order bride at all. The confusion may be the result of a misunderstanding — a mail order marriage is associated with human trafficking, which is certainly a mistake. If you’re not sure about the regulations for Slovenian women for dating, be sure to find your government website and look up all the rules that are relevant to your country. 

How much does a Slovenian bride cost?

The cost of a Slovenian wife is approximately $3,272, not including the wedding ceremony and visa fees. You won’t literally buy Slovenian mail order brides, don’t worry about that. Here’s what usually a bride’s total consists of:

Dating a Slovenian online

Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to find a wife in Slovenia using a JollyRomance for this occasion. The website will help you find a perfect bride in Ukraine as well! 

Sexy Slovenian woman for marriage
Sexy Slovenian woman for marriage

Let’s presume that you’ve signed up, filled out your profile, and applied free advanced filters to find your matches. This is where spendings come into play:

  • A live chat: 2 credits per minute
  • Long letter: 30 credits one letter
  • Attachments in chat and letters: 10 credits for one attachment
  • Stickers: 5 credits for one sticker

This means 120 credits for one hour of chat, 90 credits for three letters, 50 credits for five attachments, and 25 credits for five stickers — around 285 credits or $70 per session.

Meeting a Slovenian in real life

Here’s how much it might cost you to travel to Slovenia for 14 days when you’re ready to meet your mail order wife from Slovenia.

✈️ Round-trip to Slovenia$1,003
🏠 Apartment rent$1,400
🚌 Public transport (counted for 20 rides)$29
🥂 Leisure and dating activities≈ $500
🥗 Budget for nutrition and eating out$270
Total: $3,202
Average cos of offline dating Slovenian woman

Tips: how to save on a Slovenian mail order bride purchase?

If $3,200 is a lot for you, here are some tips you can incorporate to save on single Slovenian girls, not giving a lion’s fortune to your potential wife.

  • If you have a chance to skip an apartment rent, be sure to stick to it. If there’s an opportunity to stay at your bride’s, you will save around $1,500.
  • Unlike kitchen-less hotels, apartments help you save on eating out. Save around $250 on restaurants — you will only need to fork off for ingredients you buy in the local supermarket, this way, you will have to cook for yourself, though.
  • Use dating sites that we recommend. If you don’t want to spend $200 a day, choose a cheaper but still reliable Slovenian dating agency from our picks.
  • Hire an attorney for your visa application process. Spending money to hire a seasoned lawyer and saving money may sound like opposites, but hiring a decent attorney for $50/hour may save you thousands of dollars by simply preventing you from making mistakes out of ignorance.
Cute Slovenian girl
Cute Slovenian girl

How do you approach a Slovenian?

Considering that an average single Slovenian girl is usually introverted, you should find a special way to approach her. Here are some tips from our team that you can implement to accomplish it:

  • Be patient. Slovenians are not the type who will rush things, so you shouldn’t give up at once when you feel that your effort doesn’t give any fruit. It will take some time before single Slovenian women open up to you.
  • Find a common ground. The best way to make an introverted Slovenian feel more confident to carry on the conversation is to find a mutual interest. Try out topics like music, leisure, literature, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Ask about her country’s culture. As Slovenians adore their culture, you will kill two birds with one rock if you ask her to share the things she likes the most about it or what stereotypes she’s not fond of. 
  • Be the initiator. If you don’t want a Slovenian bride to slip away from you when the conversation comes to a standstill, be sure to take the wheel until she’s engaged enough to contribute to the chatting. This way, you will also demonstrate your unshakability and confidence.
  • Talk about food. Slovenians are big foodies, you can easily make up a topic that revolves around wine, cheese, bread, or dumplings recipe. It may even lead to a dinner together, so any gastro-topic is your #1 choice with Slovenian mail order brides.
Slovenian woman for marriage
Slovenian woman for marriage

What do you need to relocate a Slovenian bride to the USA?

To bring Slovenian mail order brides to the USA, there are special requirements for each state, leaving alone Canada. Here’s a very cut breakdown of steps you have to follow when you’re planning to relocate a Slovenian to the US — for Canada, you only need to have enough funds to settle.

  1. Prepare documents that prove your and your partner’s eligibility.
  2. Apply for Form I-129F and wait for it to get approval.
  3. Apply the Form DS-160 and pass the interview.
  4. Make your Slovenian bride pass the medical exam.
  5. Apply for the K-1 visa and wait for it to get approved.
  6. Marry your bride within 90 days after you get the visa!

The visa (K-1) can take up to 6 months to get ready and will charge around a $1,000 fee, a compound of fees for all forms and exams.

Slovenian brides scam 

A desire to meet Slovenian women often makes men careless, but the reality of online dating shows that scammers hunt potential victims almost everywhere, and Slovenian mail order bride sites aren’t an exception. Members of such websites can suffer from various scam types, but the most common ones are catfishing, military romance scams, blackmailing, code verification scams, malware scams, and many others. 

Each of these scams has some peculiarities, but they’re organized by criminals who can be recognized online if you spot the following signs:

  • Quick love confessions;
  • Extremely attractive profiles standing out among others;
  • Girls trying to switch to other platforms quickly;
  • Excuses and made-up reasons to send money or expensive gifts to her;
  • Too many personal questions to be able to manipulate you;
  • No digital footprint;
  • Unnatural, cliché, standard texts every day.

These are only some signs of scammers you can notice interacting with so-called Slovenian brides, but if you spot any of them and get suspicious of the lady, it’s time to undertake such steps:

  • Ask more direct or specific questions to see if a person is sincere with you;
  • Stop interacting with a suspect;
  • Report a dating scammer to the customer support team.

Concluding words

It’s a wonderful experience to date a Slovenian bride, and it’s even greater to have one as your wife. Remember, dating sites, unlike offline dating trips, offer interested users who want to find you as much as you want to find them, therefore it will be no sweat for you to meet your future wife on one of the dating sites in our top list and develop a strong romantic bond with her!

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Sveta Demkina knows everything about Ukrainian women and dating in this Eastern European country. She is a local dating expert and describes more widely slavic dating customs and tips.

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