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Dating is such a crucial experience in everyone’s life. More so, online dating has given a total facelift to this old human tradition. Online dating for some is quite an enjoyable experience. It all starts with finding the best online dating services, signing up, completing profiles, and all. It’s important for online daters to have similar personality descriptions and interests.

This is what the algorithm notices, it then automatically matches both parties. Then conversations ensue. As time goes by, once trust can be established, physical meetings can then be initiated. Going out on regular dates, finding love in others and creating magical moments together are all highlights of a great dating experience.

Online dating for some other people is completely opposite of all of those. Depending on where you fall on the two sides of the divide, there’s a chance for some great improvements. Online dating, also known as Internet dating, it simply points at finding a romance-partner through dating platforms/sites.

It’s such an easy process if you know where to look. The issue of trust, safety, and integrity has been on the front burner when it comes to finding love online. All of that and more will be visited in the course of this not-too-lengthy write-up.

Forms of online dating

    • Short Message Service dating (SMS dating):This is tied to a short message code that allows users of the platform, the potential lovers, to share thoughts, connect, and make intimate conversation, and in the long run exchange more detailed information about themselves. Users of this platform are assigned random profile numbers, most times a combination of figures, they can modify such if they want to. They’re also able to give a short description of themselves in very short word counts.

Users can also streamline their search of potential mates by location, making the dating process a bit fast-tracked. One of the major merits of this form of online dating is the mobility it affords the users. This means you can be anywhere and text, not worrying about if the internet connection in your area is strong or not. SMS dating avenues work in partnership with network providers. The charge/rates of sending texts and making calls still stands. Users pay per text, and they could be placed on a monthly/weekly plan with specific prices. What you call a subscription.

    • Internet-based dating:This is the most common. It refers to dating relationships initiated and managed on a web-based platform. Users get to create a more robust and informative profile using pictures if they want to. As a matter of fact, this is their first impression – a major selling point- and other personalized contents. They get to choose what they want to display about them. They’re open about their interests, personality type, and other things they love.

Inbuilt system algorithms, a series of program codes, then suggests potential mates to users, having cross-examined their profiles for similarities. Upon liking the suggestions, the guys/ladies continue acquainting themselves with the matches. Depending on the bond created, build up comes on the relationship and physical meetings/dates come in and the rest is history.

Types of online dating services

Online dating, typically, is between a lady and a man. But recent discoveries and allowance of varying sexual orientations, varying social classes, absolute preference for certain personalities, calls for a more broad and inclusive online dating systems. The following are the types of online dating services you’d find out there.

  • The matchmakers:This talks about regular online dating on websites where users (both sexes) create profiles with exclusive information. Once the system discovers the sameness of the account’s information or finds an account that has what a user hopes to find, it starts making recommendations for both parties to check out an account similar to theirs or that they could be interested in. This dating site cuts you more time to engage your would-be dates.
  • The Event organizers:This type of online dating sites help their users connect face-face through occasions organized for such purposes. People come for these events and meet potential lovers. Subsequently, they check out each other’s profiles and plan for more dates.
  • Personal search sites:On this type of site, users do the searching for themselves. What this means is that they don’t wait for the recommendations of the system’s algorithm. They hunt for love by looking through loads of accounts to find who meets their tastes.
  • The preference sites:This age has established earlier calls for more inclusion of different sexual orientations and preferences. These dating sites allow you to find potential lovers of your preferred sexual taste. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ community or heterosexual, there’s someone out there for you. Away from the sexual taste, preference also caters to broader interests like religion, political affiliation, marital experience, social principles amongst others.

How to get the best out of your online dating experience

Online dating can go both ways. This means it could land you that Prince charming/ Princess Rapunzel you’ve always dreamt and wished for. It could also be discouraging if your expectations are shattered by some unfavorable turn out of events. It could be really pleasurable when it works well in your favor. We do hope these few things/tips help get the best out of this adventure. The things presented here would help you focus on both sexes, just apply them as it concerns you.

    • Start out with a ready mind: It’s quite funny that folks want to find love online but they aren’t ready to give what it takes. They still hold on to the hurts and brokeness from their past relationships. As bad as what has happened could have been, both sexes need to learn to move on and position themselves to reignite the fire of love.

So bottom line, be ready

    • Have some nerves: Whether this is your first attempt at online dating or the umpteenth one, have some nerves to approach ladies or guys online. This doesn’t suggest being rude, but it’s a question of confidence in yourself, your identity, your uniqueness, beauty, etc.
    • Find the best site that is suitable for you: This is very important. You need to take your time to look out for dating services that offer you the best deals for service subscription. A dating website where you can find what you’re looking for in a man or woman without breaking the bank.
    • Set up killer bios and profiles: Your bio section is a chance for you to sell yourself at a glance. The first impression they say goes a long to influencing how you’d be perceived. Describe yourself in the best way that you can, not giving out too much information though. Use fewer words if you can. You wouldn’t want those that come to check out your profile to get bored reading your bio section. Give your profile the best of attention-grabbing content, be plain, honest, and succinct. Don’t flatter yourself too much or use incomprehensible adjectives. Be as modest as you can.
    • Expect the best, prepare for disappointments: Be optimistic that your online dating experience will be positive and turn out as you expect On the other side, prepare your heart that things could go the other way. It’s always safe to have such an approach in order to forestall irreparable hurts.
    • Don’t be pressured: Take your time. Enjoy the experience. You may be lucky to get noticed in a matter of days after you sign up on a dating site, it may take a longer time, either way, keep your calm.
    • Prepare for IRL:

IRL denotes In Real Life. It’s a term used to describe when online waters agree to meet face-face, that is go on a date. Prior to the meeting, prepare yourself in such a way that you don’t freak out when you meet your online lover. Be prepared mentally, money-wise, logistics wise, etc. Surprises could spring up. You need to be prepared for eventualities.

  • Be original:This cuts across your profile description to physical meetings. Don’t pretend to be what you aren’t. Stay true to yourself. Don’t give up yourself for some stranger(at least He/she is at the very beginning, until otherwise).

Pros and Cons of online dating

Here we present some very great pros for online dating and some cons of course. Check them out.


  • It costs too little or nothing. What you need costs nothing in the real sense. Your computer and an Internet connection isn’t much of an expense. If you use your mobile phone to access your account, the same thing still holds.
  • It’s easy. You don’t need to undergo any form of training to start dating online.

Risks/downsides to online dating

  • Decoy accounts owned by dishonest people: Dubious and unscrupulous folks who hide under the guise of being real and authentic are all part of an online dating community. This is the reason why one needs to be alert and conscious of what’s happening. Don’t be swept off your feet that you fail to read the signs of potential danger.
  • Scam and cyber theft:This should be intentionally guarded against. Don’t give out private information like your credit card details, monetary worth, social status. There are people who are ready to use such information if you let it out, to play a fast one you. There have been cases of people swindled of their hard-earned money by supposed online lovers.

Keeping safe while dating online

Quite a number of ways have been suggested in the course of write up, though indirectly. Nevertheless, to ensure your safety while pursuing love online, take note of the following

Tell your family and friends about your dates. Location and person should also be communicated

  • Don’t disclose too much private information
  • Have video chats regularly to get to know your lover by face
  • Don’t be picked up for a date. Go by yourself. Use public transportation if you have to.
  • Meet in public cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. No home visitations.

How to choose the best dating sites?

  • Consider the cost of subscribing to their services. And if you want to use the free dating platforms, you decide.
  • Consider how easy it is to use the sites.Does it support a quick search of profiles? What are success stories from the platform?
  • Do the sites have mobile applications?This is a question to also consider before choosing.
  • Read enough reviews and be convinced.When it comes to presenting reviews on these dating sites, you can count on us.
  • Consider demographics before choosing to register at a site.If you’re looking for love from a particular set of people, be sure the dating site covers such an area. And finally, try out multiple sites before settling for one.

If you’re thinking of online dating, don’t miss a bit of our regular dating nuggets. You don’t need to take 40 years for a journey of 40 days which should take a lesser period in the case of getting your wonder woman online.