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About Us

The only constant, they say, is ‘change’. This applies to the world of relationships and dating. Ever wondered how people have gotten around to finding each other from time past till now? With us, you get to wonder no more. From Mail Order Brides where money almost always matters, to international online dating websites where the money comes up a lot less. We’ll find you the best way to land yourself the kind of relationship you want while giving you a heads up where needed.

Relationships come in all forms and happen between all kinds of people. We highly regard these differences while pointing out the best parts – and worst, if it really matters. We all have different tastes, so let’s help you in figuring out yours. It doesn’t matter if you fancy the effort like in chivalry, or you’d rather skip the theatrics and get right into finding a life partner, we offer information on all kinds of relationship-related aspects.

Even the smoothest roads have a few bends here and there. Navigating your way isn’t guaranteed to be easy, but with us, you’ll be cruising around in no time. We serve as a guide where the ’road’ is relationships. For some, finding ’the one’ is a piece of cake. For others, it takes a little more work, but, no matter what, we’re dedicated to helping you find that special someone.

Our concept

As a highly motivated team, we are aiming to help people around the world to find each other online. We understand that not all the solutions can be easy in the modern world. Especially, if you need to choose among hundreds of options. To economize your time and help to make right decisions quickly and easily, we decided to create our own rate based on a thoughtful and expert criteria. We write high-end reviews on the most popular and sought-after dating websites. As for online dating, we’ve been there and done that, that’s why we know what is important and how to select the service that will meet all the demands and give the best results.

How we make money

Our website offers a great number of useful and detailed articles for daters who try it online. Alongside with in-depth analysis and comparison of online dating platforms, we give professional recommendations on many other dating aspects. Our blog helps to take the flip side on international dating and overcome all cultural claws you can potentially come across.

We don’t implement any fees or subscription. That’s why to make it free for any user, we get compensations from promoted agencies on our website. Note that sometimes it can influence the position of the services in the rate. At the same time, we are not bound by these services, it’s just the support that helps us to develop our community and you — to find your love. Our main objective is to facilitate your search and make your personal experience as pleasant as possible.

How we create our reviews

Our reviews is a result of assiduous work of reviewers who become online dating users at the time of the analysis. To make our reviews as accurate, our writers try every feature and analyse all the aspects that can influence the customer experience. Besides, they interview users, compare concurrents and give their own feedback, too. To keep our articles unbiased we stay updated and regularly check all the reviewed websites. We have a unique set of rules every writer follows to meet our objectives, to stay engaging but totally honest. Finally, the editorial team proofreads the content published on the website to provide high-quality texts.

Our criteria of ranking

To cover all the most important factors and to make our reviews as full, we elaborated a special system of scoring based on the main 5 aspects. Besides, we consider subjective points of view of our designers and reviewers. So, let’s have a closer look at each factor.

Consumer Choice

Consumer choice and popularity perfectly reflect how the website meets the requirements and what stands behind a nice picture. We analyse and keep track of the attendance of every service: number of visitors,duration, frequency,, bounce rate (people who decide to leave rathern that continue to browse) and a number of customers who come back. For this, we use trustworthy web analytical services like Similarweb, ahrefs, Semrush, Seranking. Then, we compare it with results of other online dating websites and make conclusions.


To analyse the reputation of the website, we use independent platforms like sitejabber.co, trustpilot.com and influenster.com to read trustworthy reviews of real users. There, customers can rate the services using such criteria like service, value and quality. We understand that some reviews can be biased. That’s why we gather lots of feedbacks to get the most impartial opinion. After that, sociologist analyse them and identify the pros and cons of each website.


As for the design and interface of the website, our expert UI&UX team examines the product basing on numerous aspects. Professional web designers test the easiness of use, general impression, number of additional functions, design and it updates, and customization of every platform. Besides, we not only try a desktop version, but also a mobile application if available.

User quality

Our next criteria is the quality of user profiles. We check if the profiles are active, well-completed and contain all the necessary details. Usually, it includes some personal information like birth date, location, education, job, interests, dating intentions. Also, websites with a huge number of users with photos, videos and detailed self-descriptions get higher evaluation. Then, our experts analyse response rate and time to define how active members are. It also has an impact on our scoring


Last but not least we evaluate whether a customer gets a professional support if needed. For this, we examine help and FAQ sections and possibility to get aid round the clock. Besides, our experts try all means of communication with Customer support team, their effectiveness, qualification and readiness to solve problems.

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