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Polish Mail Order Brides: Who They Are and How to Get Polish Bride

Poland is a unique country that combines many Slavic traditions and European values, so it’s not surprising that Polish single women living there are special too. They seem very attractive to western men who often come up with the idea to have romantic relationships or even find Polish wife! Fortunately, distance is no longer a problem for amorous affairs, especially after sites with Polish mail order brides appeared on the web.

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These platforms have simplified the task to meet Polish women, but how to draw their attention and get their love online? This guide explains where to meet a single Poland girl for marriage, what makes her a great partner, and how to steal her heart! 

You can see that the range of platforms where you can meet Polish women is really extensive, so you can start your love adventure immediately. However, you should know why women from Poland become amazing wives for foreigners and also how to enchant local ladies being far away from them before you start communicating! Keep on reading to find out everything about dating Polish women.

Sexy Polish bride
Sexy Polish bride

A Polish mail order bride: who is she?

It goes without saying that there’s no universal portrait of a Polish bride regarding appearance and character. But there’s one thing you can say for sure—Polish mail order brides are single ladies in their 20s and 30s who register on special platforms and want to meet foreigners for serious relationships and possible marriage. Most of these girls seek love, so they don’t rush into romantic affairs and try to learn potential grooms better to develop that unique, genuine feeling and build a family for ages!

Interesting statistics about Polish ladies looking for marriage

Numbers always sound more convincing than words, so before you learn more about the character and preferences of mail order Polish brides, it’s important to clear up what kind of women live in this country and why they look for an international groom.

Polish women have similar values as Ukraine mail order bride, so you can check them too!

Profiles of single Polish brides

Oksana Profile image 1
Oksana Profile image 2
Oksana Profile image 3
Oksana Profile image 4
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Oksana, 27
Warsaw, Poland
Anna Profile image 1
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Anna Profile image 3
Anna Profile image 4
Anna Profile image 5
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Anna, 32
Warsaw, Poland
Marta Profile image 1
Marta Profile image 2
Marta Profile image 3
Marta Profile image 4
Marta Profile image 5
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Marta, 18
Łódź, Poland
Vikkie Profile image 1
Vikkie Profile image 2
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Vikkie, 24
Lublin, Poland
Karina Profile image 1
Karina Profile image 2
Karina Profile image 3
Karina Profile image 4
Karina Profile image 5
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Karina, 53
Warsaw, Poland
Joanna Profile image 1
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Joanna Profile image 3
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Joanna, 29
Toruń, Poland

How to find Polish wife online?

The process of seeking a soulmate only seems challenging and frustrating. Still, in reality, it’s an exciting adventure that consists of several basic stages:

  1. Choose a mail order website with a wide selection of Polish ladies looking for marriage.
  2. Create an account and add a photo to make it more appealing.
  3. Browse girls’ profiles and sort out the most adorable ones.
  4. Initiate communication with ladies you like and don’t avoid answering messages from other ladies.
  5. Enjoy online interaction and try to learn more about potential matches.
  6. Fall in love, date, and meet your beloved when you feel the necessity!
Polish mail order bride
Polish mail order bride

Approximate cost of a Polish mail order wife

Reputable sites are rarely free, so men should remember that online matchmaking involves financial expenses like traditional dates. However, the cost of mail order bride services with Polish women for marriage is only the first step since the list of expenditures from meeting to marriage includes several basic stages:

  1. Website services: around $50 – $200 depending on the type of subscription and member’s online activity.
  2. Courtship: Polish girls hope suitors will bestow them and bathe in attention, so $200 – $500 a month on such trifles is necessary.
  3. Going to Poland: when you’re fed up with online dating, you’ll wish to see a Polish bride in real life, so money is needed to book a trip to this country. An average weekly trip to Eastern Europe is around $2,000 – $2,500, including flight tickets, accommodation, meals, and traditional dates.
  4. Wedding: a typical celebration with a minimum of guests costs around $12,000 in Poland, but if you don’t plan festivities, there’s a great chance to save!
  5. Relocation: leaving Poland is a difficult decision, but most brides make it to feel happy with their overseas husbands. This step also requires an investment from $1,000.

If you sum up all the expenses, the total cost of a Polish bride starts from $15,000.

There are lots of things that make women from Poland so adorable to foreigners. Local women have a range of positive characteristics, including:

  • Educated and intelligent;
  • Elegant and stylish;
  • Romantic and easy-going;
  • Tender and passionate.

Most Polish ladies for marriage have a stunning Slavic appearance with natural beauty, slim figures, warm smiles, and pretty faces. Their magnetizing eyesight seems to knock down men at first glance, but these aren’t the only benefits of these cuties. When you learn each of them better, you realize what wonderful Polish wives they can become since all of them are:

  • Nurturing;
  • Family-oriented;
  • Hospitable;
  • Faithful;
  • Patient;
  • Respectful.

The range of their advantageous features is so wide that one article isn’t enough to list all of them!

sexy girl from Poland
Cute girl from Poland

Family life with such a girl

Being friendly and active people, Polish brides enjoy taking part in extracurricular activities, travel, and family gatherings. Marrying one of them, you get a close-knit family in which grandparents often play a crucial role.

In your spouse`s culture, parents usually give their kids a little independence and responsibility. Polish families come in all shapes and sizes, some lead very quiet lives, others are quite busy and their households are noisy. Some drive or go for a walk frequently, while others spend most of their time at home. The wife and husband can work outside the home. On Sundays, you`ll gather to dine with family members and relatives.

Living with your bride, you discover that Polish society is young and well educated, with a strong sense of initiative and creativity. If you`re dreaming about having a friendly and harmonious family, choose a single among English-speaking Polish women looking for marriage.

Why do Polish girls look for husbands abroad?

Reasons are incredibly various and somewhat unpredictable since these girls live in a developed country and have a good quality of life. However, some prerequisites encourage them to look for partners behind the borders of their own countries:

  • Lack of men: female population outnumbers the male one by 3%, so every 20th girl simply can’t ever meet a soulmate;
  • The desire for something special: local men follow a traditional dating culture the majority of girls are fed up with, so they want diversity, bright emotions, and unpredictable situations in relationships with men of other races and nationalities;
  • Other preferences: some girls are attracted to hot Latina guys, while others imagine only a superhero from Hollywood films beside them. Many Polish girls like practical Asian men, while some ladies dream of a partner with a dark skin shade. Tastes differ, so they look for husbands there where their chances to meet them are really high! 

What to keep in mind when dating a Polish mail order bride?

If you think that dating a Polish girl for marriage is quite traditional and doesn’t have any peculiarities, consider the following points, and you’ll be surprised to learn some of them:

  • Come to the date on time: unlike an average Ukraine mail order bride who can turn up for the date late, Polish women are punctual. Local students are even allowed to leave a lecture if a teacher is 15 minutes late, so try to arrive earlier since your beloved won’t wait for long.
  • Be tactful speaking about payment: splitting the bill is approved by some women in Poland, but not all ladies are ready to do that. Some girls still expect males to take the financial burden, so even if she admits paying half of the bill, men should offer her to cover the whole amount, and she might admit that with pleasure.
  • Set clear goals and explain your true intentions: it’s important for mail order Polish brides to have a clear understanding of what these relationships can end up with. The majority of girls look for a partner to build a family with, so being aware of the partner’s mutual desire will encourage them to develop this romance.
  • Walk her home and kiss her cheek on first dates: Polish ladies don’t hurry things up and want to enjoy courtship to the fullest. Therefore, don’t be intrusive at the beginning of your romance and bathe her in attention, care, and respect.
  • Don’t limit her freedom: not all Polish ladies are ready to sacrifice their previous way of life when they find a decent partner. Therefore, try to be patient when she goes out with friends or enjoys her favorite activities. Later, she’ll come to terms with the necessity to be a perfect Polish mail order wife, but not immediately.

Tips for dating Polish women for marriage

If you think dating Polish women doen’t differ much from dating any other lady, it’s time to tell you the truth. There are some cultural peculiarities you should definitely be aware of before you enter a romantic affair with a gorgeous girl from Poland:

  • Their sense of style is excellent, so try to match them when you choose an outfit for a date.
  • Local women are sportive and fit, so it’s better to share this activity to get her to like you.
  • Be careful with personal space since too explicit sexuality in public may drive her mad.
  • Plan everything in advance: these women aren’t fans of spontaneous decisions.
  • Don’t pay much attention to her complaints. It’s traditional for Polish people to share everything that astonishes them.
  • Be chivalrous: these girls still love to be kissed at their hands and to be shown the most exquisite manners.
  • Most of girls would suggest sharing a bill, so it’s better not to argue on this point!


There’s an opinion that the only thing Polish people hate is other natives of Poland, so it may be one more reason why women don’t want to marry local males and put a lot of effort into meeting foreign grooms. It’s impossible to tell whether it’s true or not for sure, but the selection of brides in Poland is really impressive, and men shouldn’t lose an exclusive chance to meet them simply and affordably. It’s enough to join a mail order bride site and forget about modesty to feel the whole fun of dating in this way!

Frequently asked questions about brides from Poland

Can I Find Mail Order Brides from Poland?

Polish women marriage is possible for those who seek it. Polish girls register on such websites to meet attractive and reliable husbands. Women are extremely beautiful, smart, creative, kind-hearted, and loving. Luckily, you can marry such a woman because many of them are registered on Polish girl marriage websites and wait for their second halves there. It is just necessary to log in and buy services to get to know each other and get married.

Is it Real to Buy a Bride from Poland?

It is impossible to buy a Poland girl for marriage literary because dating websites are not illegal markets and the word buy is not used in its direct meaning. Registered men and women are free to choose whoever they like. Nevertheless, it is necessary to top up the balance to buy chats, calls, and webcam meetings to find Polish wife. Moreover, you can buy presents for a chosen girl to get more chances to win her heart.

What Is the Price of a Mail Order Bride from Poland?

The price of online dates varies. It depends on the services a person chooses and presents that men decide to send to the doors of polish brides for marriage. The average price varies between $1800 and $6000. It includes online services and offline expenses, such as visas, tickets, room rent, etc. It is also necessary to remember that entertainment in big cities costs more than in smaller ones.

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