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If you’re here to find out whether it’s realistic to marry a Ukraine mail order bride—you did find the right page. We prepared the guide for eager foreign lads on hot Ukrainian brides: what are they and why do they go mail order? Does a legitimate Ukrainian dating site or Ukraine wife finder really exist for such purposes? How much does it cost to marry a Ukrainian girl? Be sure to make notes while reading—you’re going to need them on your way to conquering Ukrainian ladies? And don’t pass by the Ukrainian dating sites we listed for you down here:

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How does help you find perfect Ukrainian mail order brides?

We at are passionate about Slavic culture and incredible Slavic women. With a native Ukrainian editor, we assemble articles, materials, and guides aimed at helping Western men get connected with their desired Ukrainian women. How do we do that:

  • The team of Ukraine-Brides reviews current Slavic dating sites to help you find the most suitable one by its services, prices, and safety standards.
  • We organize interviews with real mail order brides from Slavic countries and collect their opinions, tips, and stories.
  • We spend weeks on dating sites to identify scammed ones and good one like TheLuckyDate and prevent you from being catfished.
  • We browse trustworthy materials to assemble comprehensive and authoritative guides on how to date Slavic beauties.
  • By the by! This piece is composed by a native Ukrainian author, the true expert on Ukrainian mindset, culture, and women’s secrets.

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Sveta Demkina knows everything about Ukrainian women and dating in this Eastern European country. She is a local dating expert and describes more widely slavic dating customs and tips.

🔥 Profiles of Ukrainian women from UkraineBrides4you

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Ekaterina, 31
Kiev, Ukraine
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Anna, 28
Kiev, Ukraine
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Anastasia, 24
Kherson, Ukraine
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Nadezhda, 33
Odesa, Ukraine
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Juliya, 33
Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Maryana, 32
Kiev, Ukraine

Ukrainian brides—who are they?

sexy ukrainian bride
Cute Ukrainian mail order bride

Ukraine is pretty much different from the United States, and you’d be surprised at how strongly these two mindsets differ in reality. Before you decide whether to marry a Ukrainian woman, check out these little facts that describe Ukraine women a lot!

  • Ukrainian brides are very traditional in their marriage. They also prefer a man who would communicate manhood, responsibility, and self-confidence, apparently to feel safe and feminine next to him!
  • Ukraine women are very thrifty. They find ways to save money: from cooking at home to repairing old stuff for reuse.
  • A real Ukraine bride ever leaves her friend or boyfriend in trouble. It’s more likely your future Ukrainian wife would misinterpret your “leave me alone” as a call to action and would strive to improve your condition at all costs.
  • However, Ukraine brides are used to dealing with their troubles themselves. Even bearing the entire world on their shoulders, a Ukrainian lady would never give a single sign of her being not OK. She would rather go through her issues herself than involve you in them.
📍Fertility rate1.23
📍Spoken languagesEnglish, Ukrainian, Russian
📍English proficiency levelModerate
📍Most common professions for womenNurses, Teachers
📍Average age to be married18-20.9
📍Legal age18
📍ReligionOrthodox Christianity
📍Attitude towards foreignersVery curious and hospitable
📍How to approachBe sincere, genuine, and kind 
General information about Ukrainian brides

Traits & Mindset of Ukrainian mail order brides

If you’re getting ready to date Ukrainian brides, you must be strongly prepared to encounter a big cultural difference. Check out the key traits and peculiarities of Ukrainian women you’re likely to stumble upon.

Gorgeous and so diverse

Ukrainian mail order brides are all different and can’t be recognized by their hair, eye, or different skin color. On the other hand, many Ukrainian mail order brides prefer to wear long hair to the very waist and just a few cosmetics and stay naturally magnificent as they are—but that’s unlikely, knowing that helps you identify a Ukrainian bride among other girls.

Ukrainian girls are independent yet traditional

In today’s Europe, it’s popular to be single and self-made, isn’t it? Even though Ukraine tends to copy relevant tendencies from abroad, Ukrainian mail order brides keep old customs adhered to.

Meaning: being subordinate to a man, making a proper mother, and being an intelligent wife. However, more and more modern Ukrainian brides mix traditional points of view with career-climbing ambitions.

Cute Ukrainian mail order bride

They care a lot about their look and fitness

The secret sauce of the most beautiful women in the world: Ukrainian brides try to keep fit, healthy, good-looking, and stylish. Again, long and shiny hair, impeccable pale skin, and a fit body result from an active self-care routine, so popular among sexy Ukrainian brides.

True Ukrainian women are straightforward

Not at the cost of their intelligence, Ukrainian brides are beyond this popular in Europe with complexity, arrogance, and self-absorbedness. You can quickly start a fascinating conversation with a Ukrainian girl you’ve just met or ask for help, being sure you receive it.

Self-development is paramount for Ukrainian brides

Most Ukrainian brides graduated at least two times. Having a high degree is crucial for Ukrainian wives—not because the diploma is necessary to land a decent job in Ukraine (it’s not), but simply because Ukrainian society believes in the undoubted importance of a high degree.

Ukrainian ladies are good for international relationships, and the success rate of international marriages with them proves this statement.

🔥 Profiles of Ukrainian women from

Olha Profile image 1
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Olha, 24
Kiev, Ukraine
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Yulia, 23
Kiev, Ukraine
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Raiza, 29
Kiev, Ukraine
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Darina, 21
Kiev, Ukraine
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Alina, 22
Kiev, Ukraine
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Oksana, 21
Kiev, Ukraine

Why do Ukrainian brides look exactly for an American husband?

More people conclude that their soulmates may live in other countries. The difference in values, life goals, and feministic views of western women encourages American men to extend the area of wife search and marry Ukrainian wives instead. But what drives a Ukraine mail order bride to marry a US man?

  • Ukraine is a country of freedom-loving and intelligent people. Mail order Ukrainian brides fight for their independence throughout the country’s existence, but don’t forget to enjoy life. Many of them often travel and earn money abroad because the political situation in the country doesn’t allow them to work there calmly. Therefore, beautiful Ukrainian brides often decide to stay in Europe, the USA, Canada, and other more developed countries.
  • Ukrainian mail order brides adore Western mentality. Many local males lack the motivation to achieve career heights and improve their professional skills. And since almost every Ukraine bride wants to achieve a good standard of living, she is looking for a husband who is ready to share this difficult but very interesting life path with her. Many Ukrainian brides envision American guys as proper candidates.
  • The tense political and economic situation makes it difficult to feel confident. Ukraine endures not the most cloudless times, and some Ukrainian real brides are looking to flee their origin by marrying a man from the stable United States.

Some touching stories of American men who married a Ukrainian

ukrainian wife with foreign husband

Antony and Alisa

I’m a Slavic philology professor with a Ph.D. in this field, and I was looking for a pen pal to chat with and practice my Ukrainian language. I had no intention of marrying—after my dreadful divorce, I promised myself to never make this mistake again.

I met Alisa on UkraineBride4You and it turned out she’s an English teacher! We had long, meaningful chats every single day, discussing books, our lives, and backgrounds, and finally, it occurred to us—we were in love with each other. It was hard to deny, so I admitted it: I took a vacation and came to Ukraine.

We’re married for 1,5 years, utterly happy with each other, planning to write a handbook together.”

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ukrainian mail order bride couple

Noel and Nadia

I’ve been to a few Ukrainian cities already (I’m a contemporary artist), and actually planned to marry a Ukrainian woman. Why?

Throughout my trips, even strangers were kind to me, strived to help or guide me, and I felt more at home in a completely foreign country than in my own.

I chatted with Nadia for three months on one of the mail order brides websites, and we’ve met some times. I decided to propose to Nadia as soon as I came to Kyiv and, guess what, she proposed to me first! That was so flattering and unexpected for me!

I relocated to Kyiv myself and have already begun to master my Ukrainian. I’m finally happy.

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How to start dating Ukrainian brides?

Surprise-surprise, there are two ways to find Ukrainian mail order wives right for you. Check them out.

Single mail order bride from Ukraine
Single mail order bride from Ukraine

Try picking up a Ukrainian mail order bride in Ukraine

There are two ways you can go for: romance tours and going to Ukraine on your own. Let’s give you an idea.

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Go on your own

No one says you can’t go to Ukraine, sneak into some lovely cafe, and pick up a nice Ukrainian wife on the spot. Here are what expenses you have to take into consideration before going on your own:

  • Accommodation in the country;
  • Tickets to the country and back;
  • Dining out expenses;
  • Taxi services;
  • Extra travel expenses (nutrition, clothing, medicaments).

It seems that Ukraine is a cheap country, and it’s very unlikely you’d spend more than $1,000 in two weeks, but it’s better to be ready to spend around  $3,000.

Ukrainian wife
Ukrainian wife

Try the Romance tour (Love-tour)

$3,000 on the barrel, and you’re all set. The dating agency will organize the trip for you. This is a good way if you don’t want to prepare all yourself or play a gamble picking up girls on the spot. However, it bounds you in some cases.

Find willing Ukrainian brides online

Time needed: 40 days

Online dating has its drawbacks, yet those are fully compensated by flexibility, accessibility, and other benefits. As a case in point, you can connect to a global user base, sort it through, and get a 100% matching Ukrainian wife. Here’s how you’d usually do that:

  1. Sign up and verify your email.

  2. Edit your profile and make it trustworthy. Set a profile picture that attracts you.

  3. Set preferences in filters to sort through the user base.

  4. Pick several Ukrainian girls, and start sending your messages.

  5. Send a nice present to a girl you chat about over two weeks.

  6. Arrange a trip to Ukraine or invite a Ukrainian bride to your country!

See, that’s duck soup! And those are websites to give a shot at as soon as you’re ready to discover your perfect Ukrainian bride.

Best Ukrainian women dating sites


One of the most preferred online dating services where over 500K beautiful Ukrainian women waiting for a foreign groom. The website is also one of the cheapest (start your journey from $2.99 only) and one of the most convenient: sort through the profiles with an advanced search and initiate fascinating conversations through emails and instant chat.

🔥 JollyRomance

JollyRomance is suitable for long-term and short-term dating. Ukrainian women on JollyRomance seek relocation and are fluent in English on average, which is a splendid mix as you’re looking for a Ukrainian wife. JollyRomance is pretty much like Tinder and has a decent range of features for you to have fun with while looking for a Ukrainian girl.

🔥 Ukrainebrides4you

UkraineBrides4You joins the list of “VIP” online dating sites. Most Ukrainian brides there are fluent in English, have a decent background, and are enviable wives overall. It’s unlikely to meet other nationalities there, though. To join the UB4Y you have to verify, this way, the website keeps up with modern security standards.


DateUkrainianWomen is young but is going to be of your interest if you’re looking for Ukrainian wives over 28 years old. Mature women for marriage are looking for serious relationships with older guys down there. Also, there is a huge variety of filters to combine the perfect Ukrainian bride and save bags of time on the manual search.


TheLuckyDate is among the favorite dating sites of European girls, and not only Ukrainian ladies sit there. The user base of beautiful Ukrainian brides is outstanding, leaving alone the appearance of a cozy application.

Finally, it stands out by impossibly low pricing: only $3 for 2,000 credits, equal to a month of active chatting, video calls, and other amenities.

Hot mail order bride from Ukraine
Hot mail order bride from Ukraine

Top 5 Ukrainian cities with brides that would drive you crazy

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. Also, it’s the cheapest country to live in. Finally, Ukraine can surprise you with stunning landscapes and old, nearly vintage architecture. Here are five countries to find heavenly Ukrainian ladies for marriage.

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A tiny city in Western Ukraine unexpectedly boasts fresh air, flourishing nature, and gorgeous females. Ladies, there are traditional and reserved, soft and warm. They walk a lot, they work a lot, and they are simple, kind, straightforward, and resourceful.

However, they’re not really into foreign languages and seldom see foreigners on their native shores.


The famous capital is full of model-like Ukrainian ladies. Girls in Kyiv are ambitious, cool-headed career climbers who used to live in a large city.

If you’re looking for a modern girlfriend, who chases fashion trends, sits on a diet, and probably can’t live without evening yoga, you know where to travel.

Sexy Ukrainian bride
Sexy Ukrainian bride


Ukrainian women in Lviv know what they’re worth. Lviv is the oldest city in Ukraine, known for wonderful coffee and gorgeous people (fair for guys, as well), proud to be born in Lviv.

This is where classy Ukrainian girls can be met if you’re looking for them: those with long brown hair, thin waist, dark eyes, and modest nature.


Poltava is the cheapest city in the East of Ukraine It’s known for Ukrainian traditional cuisine being served in any spot, for rich landscapes, and mineralized water.

Women in Poltava are cheerful, responsive, chatty, easy-going, and simple. In the very center of Poltava, you may meet girls who even speak English.


Odesa is the pearl of the Ukrainian Black Sea. Ukrainian girls in Odesa sophisticated creatures who are into art and culture, they’re talented and creative. In Odessa, you can pick up a girl during frequent events and even meet girls with decent English or French.

How much does a Ukrainian mail order bride cost?

Buying a bride online is far from ordering goods on Amazon. Talking about buying a mail order bride, we usually imply paying a certain sum for online dating (covering the fees), paying for the trip to meet in real life, and also applying for non-immigrant documents. The average price for Ukrainian women is around $3,500, and here’s what it consists of:

  1. Mail order bride website fees. You’re being charged with local credits when you send messages on the dating site, order a bouquet, or enjoy a video meeting. To buy those credits, you deposit real money on the site. Usually, you’d need $200 for one month on a dating site.
  2. Trip expenses. Booking a ticket to Ukraine, considering accommodation, food, eating out, dating activities, and so on—may cost you $1,000 for two weeks.
  3. Finally, when you’re ready to marry a Ukrainian girl, you’d resort to a Ukrainian marriage agency and apply for the K-1 visa ($1,200) and Spouse visa ($2,000).

How to make a Ukrainian bride lose her heart?

How to make Ukrainian women crush on you? Here are some tips from Ukrainian to foreigners on how to approach a gorgeous Ukrainian woman.

ukrainian bride with western husband
Ukraine bride with western husband

Focus on emotions

Ukrainian women are one of the most compassionate and emotional creatures. Against reserved British girls, secure Hollands, and composed German, Ukrainian women are pretty much forthright. We do recommend choosing joint activities that bring bright emotions when you approach a Ukrainian woman, online or offline.

Be soulful

Namely, don’t judge. Don’t be that gloomy, cynical guy. It’s vital to be cordial with Ukrainian women all the time. Otherwise, your distracted or too reserved behavior counts as heartlessness.

Throw labels away

Stop focusing too much on being a foreigner. Sometimes, labels cause even more barriers than cultural differences! Don’t divide the world between “foreigners” and “locals, since at the end of the day, we’re all humans. Besides, this will make the cultural barrier less solid.

Be curious

Single Ukrainian women get disappointed after chatting with foreigners. Reason: foreigners have a lack of interest in the world around them. Namely, to approach a Ukrainian girl, be curious, intelligent, and brainy.

Ukraine bride
Attractive Ukraine bride

The incredible demand for Ukraine wifes for sale has occurred thanks to the fame brought about by female celebrities of Ukrainian origin in particular. The whole world admires their unsurpassed appearance, charm, and different talents, so now they’re considered top movie stars, singers, and representatives of global business. Did you know that these fabulous well-known women were born in Ukraine?

  • Mila Kunis. You probably got acquainted with her through popular American comedies, such as Date Night, Ted, and Friends with Benefits. But she is a Ukrainian girl by origin, surprised?
  • Olga Kurylenko. Another Hollywood star who has Ukrainian roots and is famous thanks to fantasy and action-adventure films Oblivion, Hitman, or The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.
  • Dasha Astafieva. You should be familiar with her if you read the male adult magazines as she was on the cover of Playboy in January 2009. She is also a prominent Ukrainian model and singer.
  • Masha Efrosinina. Both a famous TV diva and the philanthropist who proved her reputation by taking exclusive interviews from Paolo Coelho, Gerard Depardieu, and Keli Joyce. She is also named to be the fashion embodiment of Ukraine, so if you want to imagine a Ukrainian mail order wife, look at her.
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Myths about Ukrainian brides

Western men who are looking for a young woman often encounter negative rumors about the character traits and mannerisms of the Ukrainian lady. In order to make the right decision and maintain a harmonious atmosphere in a relationship, it is important to get rid of stereotypes and false information about a potential lover. Let’s talk about the most common false claims.

Ukrainian women for marriage is too materialistic

Everyone wants to live and raise children in normal living conditions, and Ukrainian girls are no exception. Most Ukrainian women come from small towns but are accustomed to a good lifestyle. The mentality of hot Ukrainian women makes them self-sufficient. However, a reliable partner who will support and help is what every girl is looking for.

Ukrainian ladies are not mannerly

Hundreds of beautiful Ukrainian girls have already managed to refute this myth. These lovely ladies are not spoiled for luxury. They know how to behave in society, know the rules of etiquette and always look ugly. The beautiful appearance of Ukrainian wives is another confirmation of neatness and good breeding.

Ukrainian lady is too shy

Most Ukrainian women for marriage behave modestly and reservedly. They do not show emotions towards a man at the beginning of a relationship. However, when a man and beautiful Ukrainian women get to know each other better, everything changes. The girl is able to charm with her beauty, affection, and care. Ukrainian brides know how to perfectly emphasize their mood with the help of outfits and makeup.

find Ukrainian wife
Ukrainian wife

Why do Ukrainian girls become mail order brides?

Let’s sort out why exactly online dating sites are so pristine on mail order brides from Ukraine. What drives a Ukrainian bride to relocate abroad?

  • The desire to try out living in a developed country. Ukraine is not an underdeveloped country, but modern Ukrainian brides find life overseas more prosperous and pleasing.
  • The difficult financial situation in Ukraine. An unstable financial environment causes many issues, leaving alone anxiety. That’s why many Ukrainian brides are looking to relocate to the US, the UK, or somewhere else.
  • Business plans to be implemented abroad. Eager mail order Ukrainian women have huge ambitions and dare to think highly enough to plan businesses abroad. The United States provides better environments t0 entrepreneurs for a smoother start than Ukraine.
  • Special interest in foreign guys. Hot Ukrainian women deem foreigners way more intelligent, forward-looking, moral, and developed than local guys.

Dodge scammers on dating sites like a pro: 5 useful tips

Piteously, guys chasing beautiful Ukrainian women sometimes neglect their safety. Dreadfully, scammers hunt you as soon as you step on the Ukraine wife finder. There are five efficient don’ts to thwart their plans!
Don’t get bought by too-perfect profiles.
Usually, when the girl’s profile is filled with top-notch photos, the profile is filled out well, and everything seems… To fantastic? That’s a bad sign!

  1. Don’t get hooked on too attentive women. It’s flattering when a girl reaches out first, innit? Sometimes it’s a red flag. Too persistent, eager even, women on dating sites are usually bots.
  2. Don’t respond to braggers. Ignore girls who ask for financial help, even if the story she tells is heartbreaking.
  3. Don’t forget that Ukraine is a non-English-speaking country. Even though modern Ukraine brides are pretty much smart when it comes to English, women over 25 struggle to speak foreign languages. Be sus receiving another message from five fluent mail order Ukrainian brides in a row.
  4. Don’t tell anybody about your work and salary. If you got that question, the intention of a Ukraine mail order wife that reaches out is obvious. Clean any info from your profile that touches your job, income, and so on, and stop taunting scammers.

Bonus: Interview with a real Ukrainian mail order bride

During a set of dating site reviews, we happened on an aspiring Ukrainian mail order wife, profile and matched the history of whom was notable enough to pique our attention. We contacted Olexandra from Kyiv to give you this very interview! Find out answers to your most peculiar questions about Ukrainian mail order wives. expert expert expert

Olexandra, it’s nice to meet you! What inspired you to start searching on international dating sites?

Hi! To be honest, I was always eager to date a foreign guy. I joined dating services a year ago but still looking for my soulmate down there. expert expert expert

What man are you looking for?

That’s a question! I hope to stumble upon a responsible, funny, sincere, and smart guy from the UK or the United States. My type of guy is nerdy boys who are into video games, D&D, and all that stuff. expert expert expert

Are you looking to relocate? Why?

Yes, I would love to. It’s not that I don’t love my motherland, but I’m so fascinated to taste life abroad. It’s not that easy for a 22-year-old Ukrainian girl to just pack her goods and book a flight to the opposite corner of the Earth. Besides, I always dreamed of spending at least a year in the UK. expert expert expert

Is it intimidating to be a mail order bride?

Oh yes, that’s quite it. First and foremost, your English has to be on a good level to support engaging conversations with native speakers. Also, unlike casual dating, you literally deciding your future here! A mail order bride braces herself to choose a real husband, not just a boyfriend, a husband of different nationalities and cultures. I don’t think every girl would have the guts to at least sign-up on an international dating website. expert expert expert

What advice can you give Western men looking to date a Ukrainian woman?

I believe it’s all personal. But for me, and I guess for many other Ukrainian girls, it’s crucial that a guy is frank, genuine, never arrogant, kind, and has the patience to help a chosen Ukrainian girlfriend to improve her English. I met many guys who were rude to me or too focused on stereotypes. Don’t be like that, guys! expert expert expert

You rock! Let’s get it finished. The last question for you: do relationships between foreigners and Ukrainian girls have any chances?

You’re gonna be surprised! It’s pretty often for international relationships to work out even better than usual relationships. I truly believe that when an American guy envisions his perfect wife, he thinks about Ukrainian but can’t figure it out at first! expert expert expert

You cracked me up, Olexandra. Thank you for your time!

Should you give a Ukrainian brides a go?

Ukrainian women are incredible wives and mothers, perfect for lasting and healthy serious relationships. As with every woman and every other nationality, you have to put in some effort and contribute to developing your relationship. 

The cultural barrier is inevitable, but it will be easy to break if you have some patience. Start looking for your Ukrainian wife today, read our dating site reviews to choose your best, and find more guides and tips on how to date Slavic girls on our website!


Is it legal to marry Ukrainian mail order brides?

​​Yes, it is legal. On a dating site, you pay for the services that these websites provide. You don’t pay exactly to get a person. Citizens of the USA, Great Britain, and EU countries are allowed to marry Ukrainian citizens. If you are getting married in the USA or UK, your Ukrainian bride will need an entry K-1 visa. Ukrainians do not need a visa for European countries. But after marriage, you must immediately submit documents for a residence permit.

Are Ukrainian mail order brides real?

​Yes, they are real. Many Ukrainian women are disappointed with local men, so they believe that dating sites are an excellent opportunity to meet men from other cultures and mentalities. You’ll find here lots of real Ukraine brides who are looking for long-term relationships as well. A Ukraine mail order bride usually has a fulfilled profile with enough photos and information.

Can I get a bride from Ukraine?

Yes, you can date or marry a woman from Ukraine. You need first to find online-dating websites with a focus on Ukraine mail order brides or Eastern European brides. High-quality sites have lots of tools for long-distance dating and information on how to bring a Ukraine bride to your country. On dating platforms, you’ll find all the necessary support.

Why are Ukrainian mail order brides so popular?

The charm of Ukrainian girls is legendary. Ukrainian women and brides have everything for a happy family life. ​They know how to make a cozy home, take care of children and older family members, and know how to find a balance between work and family. At the same time, they also have a higher education. Add to all these characteristics a fantastic appearance, and here is the secret of the popularity of these women.

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