Why Czech Mail Order Brides Are Ideal For Marriage And Happy Life
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Why Czech Mail Order Brides Are Ideal For Marriage And Happy Life

The popularity of mail order brides is at its peak at the moment. Through online dating, the industry allows to get to know a woman who isn’t bound to your location and explore new cultures and nationalities along with the advantages on offer. When you avert your eyes from the Western world and pay attention to Slavic brides, Czech Republic brides come into the view with their classy European traditions and secrets that are long forgotten in the other parts of the world. If you want to try international dating but have no time to travel to the Czech Republic, make a step towards your happy marriage and meet a Czech woman online on a popular dating site!

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An average Czech mail order bride is a single woman from this European country who can’t meet a partner for a serious relationship in the motherland and believes that her soulmate is a man from another country. These Czech girls join websites for marriage to interact with potential grooms and make connections with those men who appeal the most. These platforms are created for starting and developing romances, so future Czech brides can not only send messages and sometimes use a video chat but also receive gifts from gentlemen and be invited to real dates arranged by the service!

Interesting data about Czech brides for marriage

Most men who decide to get acquainted with Czech Republic brides know only a little about women of this nationality. However, you can broaden your knowledge of a Czech lady for marriage by looking through the following statistical data:

  • Around 2.7 million women live in the Czech Republic, and approximately 31% are single.
  • The divorce rate in the country is overwhelming 45% – 50%, so it’s not surprising why girls want to marry abroad.
  • The total fertility rate is approximately 1.7 children: which means that the majority of local women prefer to give birth to 1 or 2 kids;
  • Local women tend to give birth to their first children at 30 years on average.

Pros and cons of Czech mail order wives

When it occurs to a man to find one of Czech girls for marriage, he doesn’t have a clear understanding of what he can expect from his spouse in marriage. These advantages and disadvantages explain in brief what he may see:


  • Endless energy
  • Enthusiasm and optimism
  • Romantic nature
  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Traditional family values
  • Excellent homemakers and mothers
  • Great sense of humor


  • Ambitions about career and success
  • Envy for others
  • Always complaining
  • Drinking much beer
  • Very punctual
beautiful czech woman
Beautiful czech woman

Сzech brides look fantastic

Czechoslovakian brides are full of positive energy that can be noticed on wide smiles on their faces and inner sparkling of their eyes. They’re friendly and attentive not only with people they know but also with strangers dreaming of dating Czech women. In addition to inner beauty, it’s worth mentioning the adorable appearance of Czech mail order wives who prefer to look natural and don’t hurry to add artificial effects with lip injections or plastic surgery. Even the application of makeup is an optional procedure  for Czech beauties that happens at special events. It means that Czech brides would rather buy skincare products and healthy food than tons of powder or lipstick.

What does an average girl in the Czech Republic look like? Mainly, these are slender blue-eyed cuties with adorable hazel shades of hair. However, it’s possible to meet Czech ladies with dyed straight and curly hair making them unique and different from others. Don’t be surprised to see extravagant Czech women with exclusive outfits expressing their individuality. Here, in Prague and other Czech cities, you can meet really special European women known for their extraordinary tastes!

Czech Republic brides eat well but remain slim

Traditional Czech cuisine has lots of tasty and nutritious dishes all Czech girls can’t live without, but it doesn’t impact their fit and slim bodies. No matter whether Czech brides prefer thick soups like “bramborová polévka” or dumplings made of potato called “houskové knedlíky,” local women get rid of extra calories easily and always look excellent. It’s not a secret that Czech mail order brides adore drinking beer and eating sausages, but this passion for delicacies doesn’t leave any evidence on girls’ bodies. They’re active and sportive, so a couple of hours in a gym is traditional for any Czech girl. Such a unique lifestyle becomes a routine for every Czech woman, so if you find a girl from The Czech Republic, you can be confident she’ll look gorgeous not only at a wedding reception venue but also after marriage!

Czechoslovakian mail order brides

Czechoslovakian mail order brides have adventurous nature

A mail order bride can change any man’s life abroad drastically and only for the better. When you meet Czech women, you immediately spot how energetic, enthusiastic, and inquisitive they’re. Czech brides are not only open-minded and ready for unexpected trips but also courageous enough to move to the other European country or continent if asked. The Czech Republic is a perfect place for romantic dates with your local bride. It’s home to over 1,000 ancient castles, so you can arrange a “výlet” and spend an excellent time together with your soulmate and your Czech bride parents. You’ll be surprised to find out how much interesting information your potential Czech wife can tell you during such journeys. Don’t lose a chance to visit such popular tourist destinations as Český Krumlov or Prague, have a spectacular boat trip along the Kamenice river, or see breathtaking views of Bohemian Switzerland National Park. No matter what destination you’ll choose for your perfect date in Central Europe, it’ll be unforgettable thanks to the companionship of a gorgeous Czech mail order bride.

Czechoslovakian mail order wife has a western mentality

Though Czech girls have many common features with Slavic beautiful women, foreign men can sigh with relief due to the western values of Czech women. They follow similar principles and may ask partners for equal treatment and respect. Czech Republic ladies decide to marry at a quite mature age—after 25 years of age, so local girls have clear expectations about future husbands and relationships in the family.

Naturally, great wives from this country consider a career an important aspect of their lives but it’ll never substitute the pleasure of spending time with their families. Do you set a wife and kids life priority too? Get rid of loneliness thanks to one of the dating services and enjoy support and care from your Czech bride to feel all that happiness!

Every Czech mail order bride is well-mannered and mindful

It’s not a rarity in the Czech Republic to hear polite words like “thank you” or “excuse me.” Czech people try not to shoot from the hip and would rather answer “maybe” than “no.” At the same time, Czech women have a clear understanding of their life expectations and goals, so they carefully plan their future to achieve balance in everything next to a foreign husband. Czech ladies are also kind and sympathetic, which means that their husbands won’t suffer from loud quarrels and mental attacks. Czech women would rather direct their female energy into housekeeping and kids’ upbringing like any Ukrainian girl than waste it on arguments. All this makes Czech brides desired life partners for men from different corners of the world, including European countries.

attarctive czech woman
Czech girl

Local ladies are keen on sports

Not only gyms and fitness studios help Czech women have excellent bodies. This is the only country in the world where mushroom-picking has been recognized as a sports activity, and lots of Prague bridestry not to skip this exciting activity when fall comes. Czech women for marriage enjoy spending time in nature in loud companies and doing different outdoor activities there. Why not have a lovely bike ride in summer or go in for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding when it gets snowy outside hand in hand with one of the Czech mail order brides? All these and many other sports can be tried with Czech mail order brides, and be sure, she’ll teach you any of them if you ask! As a result, relationships with a Czechoslovakian bride can make you not only happy but also improve your health! If you also like sports and aren’t used to lazing around, you’ll find a perfect spouse in the personality of a Czech girl on an online dating site.

Why Czechoslovakian brides are men’s ultimate dream for marriage?

Many gentlemen come up to the conclusion that Czech brides meet lots of their expectations, but are they good wives too? Here are several features of women from the Czech Republic that make them outstanding partners for life:

  • Readiness to combine excellent homemaker skills with career aspirations: the majority of Czechoslovakian brides aren’t ready to give up their career ambitions, but it’s not an obstacle for them to cope with household chores at the highest level, too. It makes no effort for Czech brides to keep home tidy, cook delicious homemade meals like ones in fancy restaurants, and create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.
  • Making an informed decision about marriage and utmost loyalty: Czech mail order brides don’t hurry to marry early, so every lady tries to learn a partner better and take things slow. A Czech woman wants to have a clear understanding if a person dated deserves her true love and faithful relationships. Czech wives tie a knot only with men they’re absolutely confident in and disapprove of betrayals and lies in marriage. Therefore, Czech women for marriage are constant in relationships and stick to the fidelity principle!
  • Being excellent listeners and well-read interlocutors: it’s a pleasure to spend evenings with intelligent and educated Czech wives who can support a variety of topics in the conversations and listen to the man’s confession. Sometimes, it’s a necessity to speak up your mind and get support from your nearest person, and Czech women for marriage are ready to provide their husbands with this experience.
Czech women for marriage

Lessons you can learn from Czech mail order wives

As statistics show, till 2019, there was an upward trend in the number of marriages in the Czech Republic. More and more people marry each year. It can prove that they strive to build happy families and value serious relationships more. The average age of first marriage is, however, higher. In recent years, the average age was 31.3.

Doesn’t it sound unexpected? Czech brides for marriage cause admiration of western men, but they don’t fully realize what to expect from these glorious creatures. If you want to understand a Czech woman better, consider several lessons you can learn from her:

  • Dating a younger man is ok;
  • Loving your body is a must since you should appreciate everything given by nature;
  • Drinking beer is a norm even for women;
  • Playing hard to get is a strategy to spark man’s interest more;
  • Taking fashion risks and being outstanding in the crowd is great;
  • Being a housewife only is a tragedy;
  • Eating well is a key to a good mood;
  • Keeping silent and speaking quietly isn’t something extraordinary.

Reasons for mail order Czech brides to look for foreign husbands

Unlike many Asian countries where women look for partners on dating platforms to feel more financially stable, women from the Czech Republic are quite well off. Therefore, the most popular reasons for Czech girls to marry abroad are a great attraction to Western men and the inability to find decent partners in their native country.

Czech mail order brides want to try their way of living and be next to confident, ambitious, and successful men. Unfortunately, they often face challenges finding such partners among local men, so they extend borders and look for a foreign guy to marry. On the other hand, men living in other countries also want to meet a pretty Czech woman and make exclusive connections, so they don’t even mind paying a decent mail order bride price to get such a Czech wife!

Attarctive czech bride

How to find a Czech wife online?

There are lots of mail order brides from Czechoslovakia but there and how to look for them online. Fortunately, it’s enough to choose a platform with many single Czech brides and complete the following steps:

  1. Register a new account.
  2. Confirm the email address
  3. Fill out as many profile details as possible and add a photo (optional).
  4. Browse girls’ profiles and favorite ones you like the most.
  5. Initiate conversions and respond to other girls’ messages.
  6. Learn more about ladies in your taste.
  7. Develop relationships with the most adorable girls.
  8. Choose a woman who steals your heart and arrange dates with her!

The procedure is clear and simple, so getting a Czech bride won’t take much time and effort!

The average cost of a Czech bride

Looking for a wife in the Czech Republic, not all men realize what it may cost them. It’s not only time but also money, to tell the truth. How much should you spend to marry your beloved bride from this European country finally? The most popular expenditures look as follows:

  1. Online dating services: their cost depends on your site, so it can range from $50 a month to $200 for elite platforms.
  2. Beautiful wooing: Czech women like being pampered by men, so they wait for flowers and gifts despite the distance. It means that men should find a pretty amount of $1,000 – $2,000 on these surprises.
  3. A visit to the Czech Republic: once every man decides to meet his Czech bride in person, and the easiest way to do that is to arrive in this country. This trip may be quite costly, starting from $3,000 since you should pay for flight tickets (around $800), dwelling (around $50 – $70 a night), meals (around $60 a day), having fun together (at least $50 a day per person), moving around (from $10 a day), and more.
  4. Marriage registration: entering into marriage between two persons where only one has a permanent Czech residence costs around $80. However, if your bride decides to make a more festive celebration of this important occasion, keep in mind that the average wedding cost in the country is $12,000.
  5. Wife’s relocation: leaving the Czech Republic as a wife of a citizen from another country, it’s necessary to get tickets and pay for the documents like visa and marriage certificate translation services too—from $1,000 in total.

If you add all these sums, including the cost of the wedding, the total cost of a Czech bride is around $20,000.

Single Czech women dating culture

Men believe that dating a Polish bride, a Czech woman, or any other European girl is the same, but every country in the EU has its culture and traditions. When you arrive in the Czech Republic, you can see a different mentality, so being aware of the peculiarities of starting relationships with local women is a must if you want to achieve success. 

Here are several points to consider:

  1. Opt for relaxed communication that doesn’t imply intimacy for the first time: Czech brides from Prague, Brno, or Olomouc prefer to learn a man better prior to letting him get too close.
  2. Get ready for getting an equal partner: Czech women are strong personalities looking for gender equality, so you won’t impress her with your readiness to pay a bill or buy an expensive present.
  3. Don’t get offended by her black humor: a great sense of humor is a widely spread characteristic of Czech ladies, but some of their jokes can be really harsh. But you’ll get used to them in some time, so collect all your patience and restraint for a start.
  4. Be tolerant since she’s so as well: local women don’t pay much attention to the suitor’s style, status, or look on the first date. They also don’t want to be evaluated by the opposite gender too. 
  5. Improvise: you won’t see much satisfaction in her eyes if you follow a prepared plan. Czech girls would rather appreciate your wit and inventiveness being fans of adventures and surprises.
  6. Be person-oriented: professional life is an integral part of Czech people’s lives, so they’re dominated by the absence of emotions and factual behavior in personal life too.
  7. Prepare for an active lifestyle: mail order brides from Czechoslovakia would rather appreciate a tennis match or an outdoor walk in the park than a date in a cinema or restaurant. They’re sporty and dynamic, so you should be ready to move and enjoy exciting activities next to them!

Tips for dating Czech Republic women for marriage

We will talk about those habits that will help you show your dignity and uniqueness through online dating so that the Czechoslovakian bride pays attention to you. And although acquaintance is only the first stage in a relationship with Czech brides, it plays a key role in shaping your image in the eyes of a Czech wife, and all further steps will reinforce and complement it.

Single czech lady
  1. Always look handsome and well-groomed. European brides, like all men, also love it when a man is handsome, elegant, and clean. Do not forget that even elementary beauty treatments can play a significant role in meeting beautiful mail order brides from Czechoslovakia. 
  2. Keep your body fit. Yes, some Czechoslovakian mail order brides may refuse to meet you if you are not in good shape. If you both go to the gym, it means that both of you are pursuing a completely noble goal—to be in good shape. And common interests and goals are already at least a few topics for an interesting and pleasant conversation! So sign up to a swimming pool or the nearest gym and impress your Czech bride! 
  3. Show your high intellectual level. Mail order brides from Czechoslovakia love intelligent men. So, discussing interesting news or books you’ve read will help you look smart in the eyes of any Czech girl. At the same time, it will be another reason to talk to a Czechoslovakian woman online.
  4. Express your interest in her life. Expressing your interest in and devoting your time to the solution of her problem means being caring, and this quality is highly valued and attracts the attention of Czechoslovakian brides. It is very important to take care of your Czech lady. 
  5. But most importantly, be confident! All advice will be of little value if you are constantly afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that float in your hands. If you have already had a chance to meet a pretty Czech bride, and you want to build a relationship with her, you don’t have to wait for her to do everything for you! Confidence is like any other human trait. It can be developed in yourself if you constantly work on it.
  6. Being known as open-minded, active, and sophisticated ladies, mail order brides from Czechoslovakia steal numerous men’s hearts. Their charming smile evokes the brightest fantasies about marriage and children. Such a single fills your life with a warm laugh, tasty meals, attention, and adventure. Would you like to create a family bringing only positive emotions?  Choose a Czech mail order bride! Just register on a popular and decent site, create a personal account, and meet Czech girls in a few clicks. Find your destiny on dating websites and get the joy of life with a Czech mail order wife beside you!


Mail order brides from Czechoslovakia are really special, so they get deep into men’s hearts and can’t be ever forgotten. The active life position and open-minded nature of Czech girls attract men like magnets, while charming smiles and family-oriented values encourage not only to imagine a happy married life with them but also undertake steps to meet these stunning creatures. Do you also want to feel the warmth of your wife’s hugs after a hard-working day and taste her homemade delicacies? Get this unique experience faster via online dating! Join a popular mail order bride site with Czech young ladies and start making connections with them to find a soulmate there! Your destiny is in your hands, so meet Czech brides online now!

Answers to frequently asked questions about Czech ladies

How can I find a Czech bride?

In the nowadays world, you don’t need to buy a ticket to the Czech Republic and look for a woman who seems single. Instead, modern Czech brides for marriage use dating platforms to find a foreign man. Czech brides create their accounts on Jolly Romance, BravoDate, UkraineBrides4you, and others. Signing up on one of the proposed platforms, you will easily find a Czech bride for marriage with the help of searching filters.

How much should I pay for the Czech mail-order bride?

Using different dating platforms, you will face the same paying policy. Dating websites use the virtual currency called credits. Thanks to the credits packages, you will be able to chat and send videos and gifts to your lady. To start building the relationship with the Czech Republic wife, you should firstly buy 20 credits for $9.99, 50 credits for $19.99, 125 credits for $44.99, 250 credits for $69.99, and 750 credits for $149.99. If you are a new user, you will be given 20 credits for free. Besides website services, you should consider the price of the future wedding with a Czech mail-order bride and move to another country.

Is buying Czech mail-order brides legal?

When you “buy” the Check ladies marriage, it doesn’t mean you buy it like a thing. In mail-order bride’s business context word “buy a bride” means to pay for all the services needed to marry a foreign girl. That is why buying a bride will include the website’s services price, moving to another country, documents price, and wedding price. Mail-order bride’s concept is legal in the Czech Republic, so don’t be afraid to consider Czech women marriage.

What is a Czech women’s appearance?

Czech mail-order brides have won the hearts of thousands of foreign men. And it’s not surprising, as they look like a queen. A typical Czech bride is tall and skinny, has lovely shapes, and has an hourglass body type. Czech brides usually have light eyes color and light hair. Czech girls prefer to look natural and rarely use the services of a plastic surgeon. It is not typical for Czech mail-order brides to wear bright and catchy makeup.

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