Russian and Ukrainian Brides — What’s The Difference Between These Women
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Russian and Ukrainian Brides — What’s The Difference Between These Women

If you have a soft corner for Eastern European beauties, you`ve probably heard about amazing wives and spouses these girls make in marriage with Western men. And you might be struggling to choose between the girls. Ukrainian women vs Russian women — who`s better? Keep on reading and discover major distinctions between Russian and Ukrainian women to get a grasp of who suits your preference best.

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Ukrainian vs Russian wives: Language

The first difference between Russian and Ukrainian brides that comes to mind is what language local women speak. Despite being somewhat similar, Ukrainian and Russian are totally unique. Russian girls can naturally speak their native tongue, meanwhile, Ukrainian women are fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian!

Girls from Ukraine have a softer speaking tone, as well as a calm voice. No wonder the Ukrainian language is considered to be the top 5 prettiest languages worldwide. Ukrainian girls can sing you to sleep with songs and seduce you with their sexy tone.

Appearance of Russian and Ukrainian brides

Looks of Russian and Ukrainian women can`t be 100% described to one standard because these countries have so many genes and ethnicities in their DNA that it`s always a positive surprise. Both nationalities have strong Slavic features, but there`s no end to possibilities when it comes to Ukrainian girls` appearance.

Girls from Ukraine are more likely to have darker hair and softer appearance. Ukrainian girls tend to embrace their natural charms and showcase their beauty with minimum makeup and sophisticated clothes, while Russian girls love dressing to impress and put a lot of makeup on to look their best. So Russian or Ukrainian woman? You choose!

Personal traits of Ukrainian vs Russian wives

Although differences in looks between Russian vs Ukrainian women aren`t that distinct, their personalities differ quite a lot. Russian girls tend to be more strong-willed, independent, and opinionated. Ukrainian women, on the other hand, are open-minded, strong yet elegant and graceful.

Ukrainian brides

  • They find happiness in simplicity and passion. Local women want to find peace in every area of their life.
  • They adore chivalry in men. When their husbands buy them flowers or hold doors, they melt inside.
  • They`re pro cooks. Ask them to cook anything and it`ll taste so delicious you`ll see stars in your eyes.

Russian women

  • They`re full of ambition. Local girls are willing to do everything to get what they want, whether it`s a dream job or a man.
  • They value career and personal space. Russian brides need to be able to relax by themselves once in a while.

It always depends on what qualities you prefer in ladies, both are unique and have their best sides. The choice is yours!

Russian vs Ukrainian women: family values

‌Russian women vs Ukrainian women — who are more wife-material? Let`s discover the differences and similarities.

  • Marriage rates are a bit different in countries. On average, it`s at 6.3 per one thousand citizens in Ukraine, and 5.3 marriages per thousand inhabitants in Russia.
  • Divorce rates are very similar in both countries — 3.6% per one thousand citizens in Ukraine and 3.9% per one thousand population in Russia on average.
  • Ukrainian girls tend to save families more and more rare file for divorce in comparison with Russian ladies.

The key differences: Ukrainian vs. Russian women

Ukrainian and Russian girls may seem similar because of their Slavic appearance and neighboring borders. But people start noticing the differences in mentality when they get to know Russian vs Ukraine women better.

Family life

The first differences become visible when foreign men start living with the women who represent Russian and Ukrainian countries.

Russian women are more comfortable with men who like to control everything. Russian women tend to listen to their husbands in different life situations. Sometimes, their husbands can even control the way they look and what they wear.

Russian women consider their husbands the heads of the family and let them decide on the important family questions.

When it comes to Ukrainian women vs Russian women, Ukrainian brides are more independent and self-sufficient. Ukrainian brides consider that they have the same rights as their husbands.

Ukrainian women take on the responsibility and don’t rely fully on their partners when they face difficulties.


On the Russian and Ukraine dating sites, Ukrainian girls never slow down in the conflict for the sake of the men. Ukrainian women are less inclined to forgive their husband’s imperfections and are always ready to defend their rights in a heated argument.

In the case of Russian vs Ukrainian girls, the first tend to look for compromises in any conflict with their husbands.

The same comes with abusive relationships. Ukrainian women will more likely leave their abusive partners to be able to live a happy and independent life.

That is why if compare Russian vs Ukrainian woman, the first comes more submissive.


The mentality of two nationalities is tightly connected with the countries they live in.
Russia is a country where people don’t have the freedom of voice and can not even choose the president. The president of Russia has held the post for more than 20 years now. Many people don’t agree with his politics, but they are afraid to express their opinions. These conditions make Russians leave their country in search of a better life.

Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls live in a country that always suffers from Russian invasion and illegal actions of the Russian president. Although Russia wants to capture Ukraine, the Ukrainian people never give up. Ukrainian vs Russian women fight for their freedom and independence.

They fight for the future development of Ukraine. That is why Ukraine vs Russia women are willing to change and learn many new things to become better every day.


Ukrainian girl vs Russian girl is different in their social behavior.
Both Russian and Ukrainian women are hospitable and supportive. Women from both Russia and Ukraine are friendly toward foreigners and like to learn about a new culture. They are happy to assimilate with the culture of their foreign husbands.

If you compare Russian Ukrainian women, the second are more united. Ukrainian people tend to help strangers without any profit.

At the same time, women from Russia are mostly kind and helpful to the relatives and people they know.

Ukrainian vs Russian women: other differences

‌Let`s continue comparing Ukrainian girls vs Russian girls. What are the other differences foreigners should know?

  • Russian women are more diverse. Russia is enormous. It`s many times bigger than Ukraine. This means there are lots of nationalities living in Russia. They`re more Slavic in the Western part of the country, but there are lots of mixed ethnicities in the Eastern part. So they look different, often having Asian traits.
  • There`s also an opinion that Russian women tend to trust foreigners more rather than Ukrainian women. Thus, it`s just a bit more likely it`ll be easier to get acquainted with a Russian lady. In a word, they`re more approachable.
  • Another difference foreigners notice is that Ukrainian girls are on average tend to be more fun. When they get to know you better, they`re anything but boring. They`ll tell you jokes, laugh a lot, come up with activities to do and places to visit.

‌So, Russian vs Ukrainian girls — who would you choose now? It seems like the girls have more in common rather than being very different. Moreover, appearance, character, values always depend on every girl. They`re all unique. Choose a woman by her personality, not her nationality.

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