How Much To Pay For A Mail Order Bride Or Girlfriend From Eastern Europe?
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How Much To Pay For A Mail Order Bride Or Girlfriend From Eastern Europe?

How often have you thought about an opportunity to buy a wife online? Well, this is still partly possible, so you need to learn how to buy a mail order bride and how much it costs to start online dating. No matter how dry it sounds, but only true feelings and affection for hot Slavic ladies encourage men to buy Russian wife or a girlfriend from that region. Are you ready to see the exact numbers and what you`re going to pay for? It`s time to get answers to all questions regarding the mail order brides cost.

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What is mail order brides pricing?

The main questions that interest males are why they should pay for love and why there are prices of mail order brides. The term “buy wife” and approximate sums have appeared because mail order paid services speed up the process of getting a bride online and make it comfortable. These services aren’t free, so not everyone can benefit from this exciting process of meeting women overseas.
All the money paid by men to meet a lady, socialize with her, attract, and even have real dates with her are summarized and constitute a mail order wife cost. It may be different in every couple due to several factors, but the core of this amount usually includes several basics which you may learn more about below.

5 things to influence the mail order bride cost

Are you thinking of getting a mail order bride or lady for dating online? You should understand this process involves expenses, and the total amount of money you`ll spend depends on 5 factors:

  1. Choice of online dating platform. There are free online dating platforms to meet women abroad, but usually, men prefer to use ones that charge money for their services. Paid platforms included in the cost of mail order brides can offer premium membership available on the monthly basis or a prepaid system when users buy credits and spend them on the services they like.
  1. Gir’s type, habits, and behavior. Some ladies prefer luxurious courtship and expensive presents, while there are girls looking for emotional connection rather than material things. This factor may have a significant impact on the average cost of mail order bride.
  2. Courtship period. The longer you’re building relationships with a woman, the more finances you may need to spend on interaction, gifts, joint trips, etc.
  3. Woman`s location.This factor plays a great role in the mail order bride pricing when you plan a trip to your bride or move her. The wider distance between you, the more expensive flight tickets you’ll need. There also might be differences in the legal procedures of bringing a wife.
  4. Your readiness to invest in happiness.Every project should have a budget, so even a hunt for love can’t be senseless. You should have a clear understanding: how much does a mail order wife cost and what amount you can afford to spend on your overseas romance tours with a marriage perspective.

Mail order brides pricing basics

No matter how hard you`ll try to find a mail order bride price list, you won`t get one since every situation is unique, and the total cost of getting a woman for marriage or dating may include various points. How much does a mail order wife or a girlfriend cost? The list of possible expenditures may consist of the following options.

Cost of online dating sites

Worldwide accessibility provided by the Internet allows meeting women for dating and marriage for free and using the services of paid platforms. What makes these destinations different?

Since free sites are usually associated with scams and fun, platforms with premium membership try to prevent users from a negative experience and provide them with a higher level of protection, a wider range of services, a bigger number of active members as well as interaction with real people. Therefore, the last ones are usually selected for building serious relationships and constitute the first point in the cost of a mail order bride or a woman for dating.

The cheapest premium package costs around $10, but the range of paid solutions is quite extensive, so you may need more money for active interaction with ladies. What do males usually spend money on?

  • Communication tools like instant chatting, mail, phone, and video calls.
  • Gifts and flowers.
  • Getting contact information.

The total amount of site services cost will depend on man`s behavior and personal decisions. The sum will increase exponentially to your popularity and the number of services used. Usually, males don`t mind spending several hundred dollars for this exciting experience.

Courtship and gifts

Wooing is an integral part of attracting women, so it should be added to mail order bride or girlfriend price too. This amount depends entirely on your generosity and woman`s tastes and preferences. Furthermore, it can be included in the cost of site services ordered there.

How much do presents for mail order brides cost? Women craving for emotional connection won`t ask much, and $50 a month will be enough to please them. High-maintenance babes can take up to $2,000, and more since luxurious bouquets, expensive jewelry, and trendy perfumes aren`t cheap, as you know.

Trips, face-to-face dates, and moving

Being one of the most significant points on the European bride cost list, tips and relocation are also must-do options for males with serious intentions. Online dating is an unforgettable experience, but seeing your girlfriend or future wife with your own eyes, having live communication, hugging, kissing, smelling her body is crucial.

Therefore, man`s travel to the bride`s country or vice versa is a necessity. Moreover, you can decide to take your partner to your state, so this is another sum added to the total budget as well. How much will a mailorder brides cost increase due to that? Here are points to calculate:

  • Tickets for a cross-Atlantic flight: consider the class, distance, and the number of passengers.
  • Accommodation: the price depends on the quality of the hotel, length of the visit, etc.
  • Dates, entertainment, and meals: the amount depends on the country and location as well as personal preferences.
  • Visa and other documents: the consideration of entrance policies to the girl`s country and your national requirements to bringing a wife from abroad are vital too.

Average cost of mail order bride and woman for dating

You may see the average cost of dating women doesn`t differ much from male order brides prices since the most expensive point on the list is a trip to the woman`s country. A traditional US date costs as much as a month of interaction on the online dating platform — around $200. Courtship may take $500 on average in real life and web-based romance.

However, a desire to see your destined partner and go back with her may cost you around $5,000 – $15,000. Don`t forget extra expenses on wedding and unexpected expenditures not included in these sums! Therefore, prices of mail order brides and women for love may reach $15,000 – $20,000 and even more!

Foreign Brides Prices By Country

The average cost of online dating may differ depending on the location of a lady for marriage.

Ukrainian mail order brides costs and prices

The main thing you have to do is to take care of your mail order bride. Prices for site services are negligible compared to what you could spend on Ukrainian bride price a bunch of ridiculous dates that only disappoint you and bring no good. Each site has its own rules of use and usually provides a free trial period. Find out the payment details in the review section of the particular Ukrainian mail order bride site and make the decision depending on your preferences — listen to your heart!

However, before digging deeper into the types of subscription the site offers, get yourself familiar with the average Ukraine mail order bride cost. You need to realize that the core expenses of turning the Ukraine women for sale into the future wives are not limited to the site services payment.

In reality, to buy a bride from Ukraine, you need to be ready for investing the sum in between $7,000 to $20,000. And even if it may seem a huge spending at first glance, remember that you actually pay for your life-long happiness and desired family life. Is there anything else you are longing so much? Be sincere with yourself!

So, now you know how much does a ukrainian wife cost, and what is next? You have to know what exactly you are paying for while choosing the Ukraine women for marriage price as your happy future story making. As a rule, the above-mentioned sum of money is distributed among the following expenses:

  • enjoying the best site perks for getting more fun during your virtual communication
  • courting beyond the site functions and making some extra gifts delivery
  • organizing the real-life meeting at your place or visiting the mail order bride at her home country
  • preparing VISA and other legal documents to make your future wife’s immigration to your country possible.

As you see, the Ukraine wife price to buy is more than justified and explainable, especially when it comes to your life changing experience. Thus, if you truly prioritize the search for love and an ideal Ukraine mail order bride, hurry up to register on one of the top recommended sites and find Ukrainian wife. Girls from Ukraine are already waiting for you, and you can get to know the best of them. Let luck accompany you!

You may save on Ukraine mail order bride cost since this country is cheaper to live, have fun, and marry. A good hotel suite won`t cost you more than $50 – $100 a night, while delicious local dishes are incredible not only when it comes to taste but also price. The cheapest flights to Kyiv are around $1,000, and you can visit a variety of sights, clubs, and restaurants without spending much money.

Russian bride cost

When it comes to Russian mail order bride price, socializing with women from this country won’t differ much in expenditures. However, there are two important things that may apply significant changes to the total amount.

Thinking of Russian wives to buy, it`s important to find out where your soulmate is located. You may need to extend a budget if she`s from Moscow or St. Petersburg, while trips to smaller towns and rural areas are much more affordable.  The same goes for gifts and courtship.

Women from larger cities may ask for more expensive wooing being tempted by fashionable perfumes and trendy jewelry. Girls from smaller towns may be fully satisfied with a bouquet of flowers or a lovely trifle – attention is more important for them than the cost of the gift, so Russian order bride prices may be lower in this case.

The Russian Federation is a large country, so not only women but even the cost of a flight and females’ tastes can be rather various depending on the final destination. 

Czech and Polish mail order brides cost

The average price of mail order brides in these European countries is approximately the same. A low-cost flight to Warsaw or Prague may take $600 – $900, while getting your wife-to-be to the US may range depending on the visa type — a tourist visa is $160 and a fiancée visa costs $265. Staying in popular tourist destinations may be more expensive, so the location of your match matters too.

Czech mail order bride prices vary, and the factors to influence them are different as well. These are not only dating platforms selected for communication but also trip costs, girl`s tastes and desires, and many other personal parts that should be considered in every separate situation.

Males may save on long-distance trips to other countries and get a Slavic partner online, spending less than several traditional dates could cost. The majority of men treat finding a woman for love online as a responsible and life-changing event and don`t mind paying from $10,000 to bring soulmates from Russia, Ukraine, Poland to their native countries.

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Sveta Demkina knows everything about Ukrainian women and dating in this Eastern European country. She is a local dating expert and describes more widely slavic dating customs and tips.

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