Belarus Mail Order Brides: Who Are These Women?
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Belarus Mail Order Brides: Who Are These Women?

Belarusian brides are girls who use online dating to find a foreign husband. The reasons girls use online dating and seek foreign relationships can be different, and we will explain the main motivations later in the article. For now, you need to know that a Belarusian wife online is a girl who is smart, beautiful, loyal, and rather calm. A woman from this country is not as cold and distant as Russian or Ukrainian ladies. They are more approachable but not as diverse in terms of beauty and hotness. If you are interested in Belarus mail order brides, you will find everything you need in the sections below!

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Pros and cons of Belarus mail order brides

Building a relationship online and finding a woman for marriage can be challenging, which is why we believe that you need to learn everything there is to know about a bride from any country. In this section, we would like to emphasize both advantages and potential disadvantages that you may encounter when looking for a Belarusian girl for marriage.


  1. Mail order brides from Belarus are rather westernized.
  2. These girls want to start a family and become a wife.
  3. Belarus brides are not demanding. What’s more, their cost is as low as other Eastern European mail order bride price.
  4. They are calm, friendly, and eager to chat with foreigners.
  5. Belarus mail order brides are beautiful and sexy.


  1. They are not as beautiful as Ukrainian or Russian women for marriage.
  2. Online dating is not that popular among Belarusian women.

Unique facts about Belarus women for marriage

Stating that Belarus women are beautiful and family-oriented is not enough to understand whether they are suitable for you or not. While you will learn a lot more when you communicate with wonderful Belarusian brides online, we would like to offer you our list of things that we believe are unique about ladies from this country.

  • Girls in Belarus are strong, responsible, and rather independent. For instance, more than 25% of businesses in Belarus are run by women. The majority of these girls own a business in rather male-dominant industries like industrial production, construction, etc. 
  • There are more women in Belarus than men. This is one of the reasons why girls from this country seek online relationships—there are not enough men!
  • Belarus women are more educated than men. 38% of the female population have higher education, while only 27% of men hold at least one degree.
  • 65% of all women in the country speak English. Interestingly, around 70% of girls also speak German.

How to find Belarus wife online?

To find Belarus wife online, all you need is a mail order bride website. The whole process is rather simple. First, you choose a site that you like. Most of the time, you will find mail order bride websites with Slavic girls, so apart from Belarusian brides, you will be able to find Ukrainian mail order bride, Russian brides, and girls from other Eastern European countries. Again, Belarus is not that popular in the world of online dating, so keep that in mind.

Once you find a decent site, you create an account and fill out a profile. This step is usually very straightforward and quick. Once you have your account, you start searching for brides. Depending on the site, you will probably have a manual search and some sort of searching system that would allow you to define what kind of bride you are looking for. Once you find a profile of a girl you like, you just send a message to your Belarusian wife. This is basically it. As you may see, it doesn’t take too much time to find a bride from Belarus!

Why do Belarusian brides use online dating?

The reasons why girls from this country want to become mail order brides can be different. Some women don’t feel that a life in Belarus can be fun and exciting. These ladies dream of adventures and want to live in a country with more freedoms and opportunities. Some ladies just don’t want to date locals, which is common for foreign mail order brides. Regardless of the reason, you can be sure that your bride is going to look for serious and long-term relationships. She is seeking a chance to find a real and legit husband, so her intentions won’t be meaningless!

What kind of wife your Belarusian girl for marriage can be?

Single Belarus women are looking for men who are strong and responsible, and if they find such men, they become the most loyal and devoted wives in the world. You can be sure that your wife is going to always be there for you when you need her. In good or bad times, you can rely on your wife to help you solve any problem. Building a serious relationship with a single Belarus girl is not difficult because she will be engaged and devoted to making your family as happy and harmonious as possible.

Most of the time, men are the heads of the family, so you will be in charge of making all the critical decisions. However, if you are looking to build an equal family where both partners have equal responsibilities and powers, you can do it with a Belarusian girl for marriage.

Why marriage with a Belarus wife is your best bet?

Women of some nationalities like Latin ones may have a variety of positive qualities, but they still lack things that may make them excellent wives. However, you won’t face this problem with Belarus single ladies since, in addition to numerous advantageous traits, they have everything to become amazing partners for life.

  • Loyalty: a desire to fall in love once and forever encourages these women to be faithful and reliable spouses. Divorcing and cheating aren’t approved in this society, so every lady will put all her effort to revive feelings and preserve the marriage happy and long-lasting.
  • Readiness to care about others: women from Belarus aren’t self-centered, and their main priority is the comfort and pleasure of the people they love. No wonder they cook homemade meals, offer a massage after a hard-working day, and try to spend more time with their kids.
  • Effortless combination of family life and career: some Belarusian women have ambitions to be independent and achieve success in their careers, but they never compensate on family despite this wish. They manage to achieve balance in all spheres of their lives!
  • Considering kids the center of the family: every Belarusian bride believes that a family isn’t full without children. Therefore, when she accepts a proposal from the man she loves, she hopes to give birth to common babies and bathe them in the love of both parents.
attractive belarus bride
Single woman from Belarus

Reasons for Belarus girls for marriage to marry overseas gentlemen

Not every woman agrees to become a Belarus mail order bride. The majority of girls come to this matchmaking opportunity because of some reasons. They may be the following:

  • Personal passion for Western gentlemen whose idealized image they see in movies and on TV;
  • Unhappy relationship experience with local men and the inability to find a decent partner among people they know;
  • Interest in other cultures and traditions;
  • Hope for a better future and wider opportunities offered in developed countries;
  • Violence, inequality, and humiliation spread in Belarus.

How to succeed in dating Belarus women?

Slavic women don’t belong to the category of exotic ones, but they still differ from traditional women living in Western countries. Therefore, dating a Belarus girl for marriage may seem quite unusual for people not raised in this country. What to prepare for in wooing?

  • Treat her like a queen: local women lack attention and care from local men, so such an attitude will definitely be admired by them;
  • Don’t force her for hugs and kisses on the first date: these brides have a quite conservative upbringing, so you may be asked to wait;
  • Get ready for a substantial meal with your beloved: local women have a cult of culinary. They like tasting new dishes and treating others with delicacies they’ve prepared themselves, and refusals aren’t approved;
  • Try to understand her as an individual: ask more questions, listen to her speech carefully, and remember what she likes. Women are different even despite one nationality, so learning about every personality more is crucial;
  • Mingle with her social circle: ladies are very sociable in Belarus and have lots of friends and relatives, so finding common topics and mixing with them is a must too.

These cores of Belarus women dating will help you to make courtship smooth and effortless!


Your Belarusian wife online is waiting for you. All you need to do is realize the potential that mail order bride services can offer you. Mail order brides from Belarus are phenomenal, beautiful, and loyal. They are family-oriented and fun to be with, so you can be sure that you won’t get bored with your bride.

How to Arrange a Wedding in Belarus?

One can marry a Belarus girl in two ways. The first one is to travel to Belarus, date a girl there, and decide when and how to get married, though not everyone has time to do that. The second option is to visit a dating website, find women for marriage there, date a girl for some period, meet offline, and plan the wedding together. A couple can also ask a dating website to arrange everything, considering their preferences and wishes.

Are Belarus Girls Amiable?

Belarus wives are famous for their hospitality, hard-working nature, kindness, and cheerfulness. They are good friends because they are intelligent, compassionate, and caring. If you decide to marry a girl from Belarus, you will definitely find your best friend, soul-mate, lover, and colleague in one person. Besides, Belarusian fiancees are attractive and passionate. You can chat with such a girl on dating sites to check if she meets your expectations.

Is It Expensive to Get an Order Bride from Belarus?

Everything depends on how you date. If you prefer regular phone calls and frequent flights to Belarus, the cost will be sustainable. If you choose Belarus women for dating online, you will need:
approximately $300 per month for everyday chats;
over $2.700 for a one-way ticket to Minsk, accommodation, and meals;
$2.000 for a K1 visa.
One needs to spend more if sending expensive presents and arranging a wedding ceremony in Belarus.

How to Get Married to a Belarusian Girl?

There are two options to marry a Belarusian wife.
You fly to Belarus and spend days, months, or years hoping to meet the love of your life.
You register on a trustable dating website. Then you search for Belarusian girls and chat with them to learn more about their personalities. Finally, you choose the one and agree to meet offline and get married.
The second variant is faster, more comfortable, and less risky than the first one.

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